Post Road Magazine #24

Notebook of Answers, by Kaveh Bassiri

GIRL: African Moslem, early teens.

BOY: African Moslem, early teens.

In a room where questions line up, a large table, its flat plane the color of hummus, rises up to the brick back wall. If you stay long enough, you can imagine it shrinking to hold its guests sitting for dinner, the scent of lamb hiding in the grains, the eye of the pen tracking letters, the orders that haven't been named. By its leg sits an ashcan filled with water, slowly releasing a shadow across the floor. On the right side of the table stands a bottle, the label hidden behind a pink and magenta plastic flower arrangement. Behind and above the table is a large window onto the rampart, closing in this dark room. Each day, the window opens to a different light, as if we are processing a photo, hanging the negative to dry. A single metal chair, with its rusted back facing you, waits for a BOY or a GIRL, whose names are collected from the alphabet of the clouds. To the left, there is a hill of sands from a settlement of stones caught by a postcard....more

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