Post Road Magazine #32

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GUEST FOLIO: Suzanne Matson, Guest Editor

The Size of It + Jehova + Rabbit Hole + Bootstraps + Pebble + Chair — Andrea Cohen

Invitation — Lia Purpura

Eft + February Morning — Jeffrey Harrison

Newly Met — April Ossmann

Camel In The Room — Tara Skurtu

Port of Miami, from the MacArthur — Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Return to Atomic City — Nancy Dickeman

Handyman Imagines The Battle Of Pueblo + Self Portrait Of Handyman Sanding Floors — Juan Morales

from The Pocket Oracle — Sharon Dolin

Iphigenia, Ascending — Bailey Spencer

Clench + Peony — Michele Glazer

Late Summer — Gail Mazur

How To Avoid A Crash — Major Jackson

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