Tawny  by Lincoln Michel Some of the colors of the dog shit were ochre, taupe, beaver, and burnt [...]

Ringer by Glen Pourciau Sage told stories.  Whenever I saw him he had more of them to tell, and my [...]

Four Stories Raegan Bird Westminster Quarters They began starting their days with cantaloupe [...]

Mermaid Gregory Spatz Tonight Charlie’s stuck with the mermaid she likes least, Belinda. What Charlie [...]

To DM a 🔥  by Jon Lindsey Most men would have walked away. Thrown down the garden hose. Run. [...]

Two Against One Allie Rowbottom George is the man Lee and I made up, to keep from hating Dad. If we’re out [...]

Display Nathan Dragon When she gets home he’ll have already done [...]

Poker by Trevor Creighton Three [...]

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French Antarctica JoAnna Novak I do not need much, so I have brought very little. I am on the open water yet [...]

Dummies Greg Ames The word ventriloquism comes from the Latin terms venter and loqui, literally meaning "belly [...]

Isn't that Nice Halley Parry Marielle had a tooth yanked from her gum on a Tuesday while most people she knew [...]

The Hawk Mercury Ashley Mayne When they pull me out, I tell them I’ve seen a pinecone rolling inside a [...]

Lessons from the Masters JT Price In 1993, he found a job teaching English to elementary-age kids in Aguilar de [...]

The Woman in the Barn Jaclyn Gilbert Joseph and I are soon to be hitched in my sister's house with white [...]

Nine Inches by Tom Perrotta Ethan didn't want to go to the middle school dance, but the Vice Principal twisted [...]

Blood Loss by Philip Probasco You promised to give blood on this date every year, and when you keep your [...]

Golden State by Emma Cline If there was a landscape that was more blessed, none of us knew it. We grew up with [...]

Father’s Day by Joseph Scapellato The old man went with his son to a restaurant.  The restaurant was [...]

Divinatory Experiment by Selah Saterstrom Opening Note ~ In 1893 Henry C. Wood published one of the first [...]

Two Stories Paul Lisicky Liberty The father wanted to go to the top. The boy wanted to back up, but it was [...]

Red Owl by Brandon Hobson I live in a small town called Red Owl, where the mayor likes to get avocado [...]

CHILI 4-WAY by Michael Martone Michigan Pike When you were in college, at Butler, you would drive out [...]

The Artist and His Sister Gerti Christine Schutt The buckskin color of her silky throat signaled her sexual self [...]

Forgetting Everything I Know by Marston Hefner Everyone agreed in the neighborhood that she was the best. She [...]