Post Road was founded in New York City in 1999 by Jaime Clarke and David Ryan with the following core editors: Rebecca Boyd, Susan Breen, Hillary Chute, Mark Conway, Pete Hausler, Kristina Lucenko (1999-2003), Anne McCarty and Michael Rosovsky. Editors Emeritus include Sean Burke (1999-2001), Jaime Clarke (1999-2008), Mary Cotton, as Publisher and Managing Editor (2004-2008), Erin Falkevitz (2005-2006), Alden Jones (2002-2005), Fiona Maazel (2001-2002), Marcus McGraw (2003-2004), Catherine Parnell, as Managing Editor (2003), Samantha Pitchel (2006-2008), Ricco Villanueva Siasoco, as Managing Editor (2009-2010) and Rebecca Boyd (1999-2023).

Art Editor
Susan Breen

Criticism Editor
Hillary Chute

Fiction Editors
Trevor Creighton
Phil Earle
David Ryan

Nonfiction Editors
Josephine Bergin
Pete Hausler

Poetry Editors
Tara Dalbow
Anne McCarty
Nicolette Nicola
Jeffrey Shotts

Recommendations Editor
Joseph Scapellato

Theatre Editor
David Ryan

Web Editors
Casey Haymes
Harris Lahti

Layout and Design
Pete Hausler

Web Designers
David Ryan
Christopher Boucher

Managing Editor
Christopher Boucher

Assistant Managing Editors
Maria Markulis
Christopher Schafale

Valerie Duff-Strautmann

Brenna Reilly
Daniel Kim
Parker Bell
Megan Stevens
Lawrence Dupont
Angelo Miguel Villadolid

KL Browne
Kelly Corrigan
Ashely Trotter