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Abbott, Alysia
*HED: The Invention of Solitude, by Paul Auster (recommendation): PR35, 79

Abend, Lisa
The Deptford Trilogy, by Robertson Davies (recommendation): PR23, 165

Abraham, Pearl
John Dos Passos: USA Trilogy (recommendation): PR20, 49

Abrams, Eve
Redemption Window (nonfiction): PR15, 143

Ackerman, Alan
Unfold (poetry): PR34, 138

Adnot, Becky
A Natural Progression of Things (fiction): PR17, 17

Aguero, Kathleen
We Didn’t Come Here for This: A Memoir in Poetry, by William B. Patrick (recommendation): PR15, 193

Airy, Kaitlyn
Sabbath + I Will Not Be Embalmed and Placed Behind an Iron Gate (poetry): PR38, 37

Albergotti, Dan
Jack Gilbert’s The Great Fires (recommendation): PR18, 19

Albert, Elisa
Stacey Richter Kicks Ass (recommendation): PR17, 123

Albert, Elizabeth
Paintings (art): PR18, 65
Triangle (art): PR30, 51
Gowanus Muskrat (art): PR30, 59

Albertsen, Dawsen Wright
Chris Stops the Boys (fiction): PR16, 14

Albo, Mike
Kill Fee Lit—After Reading George Gissing’s New Grub Street (recommendation): PR13, 207

Adams, River
Lucky (fiction): PR40, 33

Aleshire, Benjamin
Deepfake Ashbery (poetry): PR38, 250

Alexander, Jessica
The Pith (fiction): PR40, 45

Alfier, Jeffrey
Ashbury Park, Just Before Winter (poetry): PR20, 145
Words for a Night Singer (poetry): PR20, 147
Ode to Trains Departing Billings Railyard (poetry): PR31, 25
River Country (poetry): PR31, 26

Allen, Joy
Sunday Lunch and Black Hole (fiction): PR27,163

Allison, Will
Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll, by Joe Oestreich (recommendation): PR25,127

Almond, Steve
The Emperor, by Ryszard Kapuscinski (recommendation): PR6, 141
Essay: An Inquiry into the Psychological Roots of America’s Death Fetish, or, Where’d You Hide the Body? (etcetera): PR11, 197

Alomar, Osama
Other Suns (fiction): PR35, 120
The Planet Earth (fiction): PR35, 121
Seasons (fiction): PR35, 122

Alvarez, Julia
Recommended Reading (recommendation): PR5, 129

Ames, Greg
Dummies (fiction): PR32, 127

Ames, Jonathan
A Boy’s Guide to Drinking and Dreaming (recommendation): PR2, 153
Deep in Queens (theatre): PR7, 123
The Story of My Son (theatre): PR7, 125
Twenty Questions (etcetera): PR11, 216

Anderson, E. Kristin
When We Left Medicine Behind (poetry): PR24, 167
Quantum Physics and You (poetry): PR24, 168

Anderson, Ilona
What One Is (DETAIL) (art): PR29, 41

Ansay A. Manette
Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping (recommendation): PR13, 196

Anthenien, Catherine
Bazaar (art): PR1, 11

Antosca, Nick
Young Men and Fire, by Norman Maclean (recommendation): PR14, 191

Apostol, Gina
But For the Lovers, by Wilfredo Nolledo (recommendation): PR19, 16

Appel, Rosaire
Bearings (art): PR31, cover

Aptowicz, Cristin O’Keefe
What I Meant When I Said Failure (poetry): PR26, 161
Through the Looking Glass (poetry): PR26, 162

Armbrust, Hannah
When Asked to Explain the Fall of Mankind (poetry): PR20, 78

Armstrong, Mary
Paintings (art): PR7, 66

Armstrong, R.S.
Most Fertile Soil (poetry): PR17, 59
Phrases from Overwhelming Desire (poetry): PR17, 60

Aronstein, A-J
#GentlemanlyPursuits In Pail Kahan’s Chicago (criticism): PR24, 23

Attenberg, Jami
A Feast of Snakes, by Harry Crews (recommendation): PR15, 90

Audsley, Sarah
The Pond + Origins & Forms: Eight Sijos (poetry): PR38, 215

Ausherman, Stephen
Conquest, Tourism, and Eternal Canadian Rapture (nonfiction): PR15, 93

Awad, Mona
The Girl I Hate (fiction): PR27, 125

Axelrod, Howard
John Banville’s Eclipse (recommendation): PR29, 149

Ayala, Michael
Photographs (art): PR6, 66

Aydt, Rachel
Big Mouth (fiction): PR37, 45

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