The Connectivity of Our World – The Sculptures of Susan Clinard

The Face is a Wild Land – Cameron Darc
Snow Day – Siamak Vossoughi
Flame Jumps the Gap – Matthew Gordon
Best True Love Stories – Nikki Barnhart
White Boulders + Husbands – Stephen Mortland
Mulberry Noah Pohl
Badges – George Singleton

Edited by Elizabeth Graver
Untitled – Genevieve DeLeon
Somewhere – Ramona Reeves
Autumn Road – Franklin Einspruch
Let Me – Karin Cecile Davidson
A History of American Comics – Jonathan Todd
No Map Complete – Christine A. Neu
They Don’t Like Emptiness – Will Dowd
The Places I Called Home– Yang Huang

Early Adopters – Andy Gottschalk
Crossing Stitches – Celia Cummiskey
Living Room – Rick Brown
Mike + Immigrant Song + The Procedure – Peter Krumbach
A Peek inside the Ledger – Paula Dimidis
Rectangle – Allison Field Bell
Fragmented Worlds – Natasha Williams

Ad Astra + Graftings – Robbie Gamble
Omnivora + Meadowlands – Haolun Xu
Fluent In + Stay of Execution – Shanan Kurtz
Saturn Street Steps + People also ask: What does it mean if a bird is at your door? – T.S. Leonard

Nextdoor in Colonialtown by Ryan Rivas – Kate McIntyre
Worth the Wait – David Philip Mullins
Muse Found in a Colonized Body, by Yesenia Montilla – Felicia Zamora
Alone, Alone, Horribly Alone: On Jaime Sabines’s Pieces of Shadow – Pablo Piñero Stillmann
Three micro-reviews of inside inside inside by Jo Ianni – C.T. Salazar

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