Post Road Magazine – Issue #02 | Fall/Winter 2001


“Old Man Your Kung Fu is Useless”: African American Spectatorship and Hong Kong Action Cinema By Tzarina T. Prater


The Strange, Entertaining, and Sometimes Behind-the-Scenes Story of Cleo Birdwell and Don DeLillo, by Alan Smithee (Chuck Bock

From Daughters & Sons to Fathers: What I’ve Never Said, Compiled and Edited by Constance Warloe
Excerpts from Letters to My Father (4 different letters), by Pablo Medina, by Naomi Shihab Nye, by Dawn Raffel, by David Shields


Becky, by Courtney Eldridge
V. F. Grocery, by Ben Miller
Homestay, by Rachel Sherman


It’s Like Being Raised in the Wild, but with More Style, by Peter Bird
How To Reach Me: A Manual, by Jeremy Simon
The Aperture Between Two Points, by Kathleen Veslany


For you, a poem + I see my grandmother again, by Annie Kantar
River In Dusk + Shooting Star, by Joanna Klink:
Mamma Didn’t Raise No Fools + A good idea, but not well-executed, by Rebecca Wolffe
Birth Mark + Cock Robin, by Miranda Field
Indian Song + Urban Renewal ix. To Afaa Michael S. Weaver, by Major Jackson
Adjacent + Glancing At, by Frances Richard


A Boy’s Guide To Drinking And Dreaming — Jonathan Ames
Who I was Supposed to Be: Short Stories by Susan Perabo — Rebecca Boyd
Blaise Cendrars — Martha Cooley
Books For Readers and Other Dying People — Will Eno
Mendel’s Dwarf, by Simon Mawer — Tara Ison
Italo Svevo’s “Confessions of Zeno,” — Ken Kalfus
Irena Obermannova — Ivan Klíma
Little Boys Come From the Stars by Emmanuel Dongala — Tom Paine
William Bronk — Victoria Redel
Great Books — Jim Shepard
Maurice Blanchot’s L’entretien infini (The Infinite Conversation) — Mark C. Taylor
W.G. Sebald — Charles Wright
Aaron Fogel — David Lehman

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