Post Road Magazine
Issue #32 | Summer 2017


An Element of Blank: Figuring Pain in Graphic Narrative — Thomas Dolinger


Dummies — Greg Ames
Hang It On the Limb — Colin Fleming
What Guy Says No? — Jennifer Genest
Mr. Gates Goes To Washington — Stephen Hitchcock
Water, Water Everywhere — Matt Jones
Tell the Children — Rebecca McGill
Libidonomics — Ross McMeekin
Isn’t That Nice — Halley Parry
Herrenvolk — Timothy Scott
Yellow Snow — Tom Treanor
Going Sailing — Jaclyn Van Lieu Vorenkamp


James Dean Posters on the Wall — Michael Hess
Remember Us Now, Wandering — Jess E. Jelsma
Suicide and Marrowfat Peas — Jason Stoneking


Gravel Road + The Gymnastics Teacher — Adam J. Gellings
Sacramento + Big Meteor Storm Heading Our Way — Elizabeth Gold
In Elixir + Rewind — Tanya Grae
Honest Mistake + A Short Talk on the Afterlife — Edward Mayes


Charles McGill
The Elusive Eagle: Charles McGill and the Anti-Trope, by Joe Lewis


The Bakery Off Flatbush — Steve Monroe


A Visit to the Antipodes — Carolyn Ferrell
Calamity and Other Stories by Daphne Kalotay — Nicole Haroutunian
Nightmare Abbey by Thomas Love Peacock — Dylan Hicks
J.R. Ackerley’s My Father and Myself — Dave Madden
The Confessions of Noa Weber, by Gail Hareven — Lisa A. Phillips
On Sweet Lamb of Heaven — Jessica Lee Richardson
The Vegetarian by Han Kang — Matthew Salesses
Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell — Robert Burke Warren

GUEST FOLIO: Suzanne Matson, Guest Editor

The Size of It + Jehova + Rabbit Hole + Bootstraps + Pebble + Chair — Andrea Cohen
Invitation — Lia Purpura
Eft + February Morning — Jeffrey Harrison
Newly Met — April Ossmann
Camel In The Room — Tara Skurtu
Port of Miami, from the MacArthur — Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Return to Atomic City — Nancy Dickeman
Handyman Imagines The Battle Of Pueblo + Self Portrait Of Handyman Sanding Floors — Juan Morales
from The Pocket Oracle — Sharon Dolin
Iphigenia, Ascending — Bailey Spencer
Clench + Peony — Michele Glazer
Late Summer — Gail Mazur
How To Avoid A Crash — Major Jackson


Cover Art: Henry Samelson, “Streaming”

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