Post Road Magazine – Issue #1 | Spring/Summer 2001


Eminence by Gary Lutz
A Love Transaction by Maile Chapman
Austin by Kelcey Nichols


Yamba by Joyce Lombardi
Plan of a Story That Could Have Been Written If Only I Had Known It Was Happening by Gail Hosking Gilberg
The Man Who Wasn’t There by David Manning


“I said I’m not yr oilwell”: Consumption, Feminisms, and Radical Community in Bikini Kill And “Riot Girl” by Hillary Chute


Hiatus by Mark Bibbins
Amber + Statuary by Nick Flynn
Black Lemons by Kathy Nilsson
Barcarole by Larissa Szporluk
Untitled + Untitled by Karen Volkman
The Effects of Sunset by C. Dale Young


Catherine Anthenien: Photographs


Douglas Bauer on Keith Scribner
Sven Birkerts on Various
Susan Breen on Robert Creeley’s Collaborations
Austin Flint on Eeva-Liisa Manner
Amy Hempel on Pearson Marx
Pete Hausler on From Hell
Kristina Lucenko on Jane Bowles
Rick Moody on Michael de Montaigne
Julia Slavin on Maile Chapman
Charles Smith on Dan Shea
A Postcard from E. Annie Proulx
Mike Rosovsky on Tom Franklin
David Ryan on Luis Buñuel
Charles Smith on Dan Shea


Translation: Angel Station, by Jachym Topol – Translated from the Czech by Alex Zucker
Profile: Desperately Seeking Pacino, by Jaime Clarke
Document: The Great Gatsby Contract


Technical Drawing I + II by Rocco van Loenen
Directing Grand Guignol by Dawn and Marty Fluger
Composing for Grand Guignol by Marty Fluger

COVER ART: Detail of “Car – Cuba 1998” by Catherine Anthenien (image courtesy of the artist)

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