Post Road Magazine – Issue #03 | Spring/Summer 2002


The Sweater, The Pair of Shoes, and the Jacket, by Rebecca Curtis
Vegetable on the Hoof, by Chris Offutt
White Square, by Brian Evenson
The Museum of Speed, by Len Jenkinson


A History of Kansas + Scenic Overlook, by Jennifer Kronovet
From The Lichtenberg Figures, by Ben Lerner
Why Sleep + Ocean is a Word in This Poem Cate Marvin 44 Rabid Dog + Looking at Satan, by Sarah Messer
In A Certain Place, At A Certain Time + The Prince, by Kate Moos


Responsibility, Justice, and Honesty: Rehearsing Edward Bond’s Saved Ken, by Rus Schmoll


Karoo by Steve Tesich, by Thomas Beller
Bruno Schultz and Bohumil Hrabal, by Myla Goldberg
The Alphabet in the Park: Selected Poems of Adelia Prado Translated from the Portuguese by Ellen Watson, by Steve Orlen
O.Henry, by Michael Snediker
James McMichael, by Robert Pinsky
Five Essential Modern Short Stories, by Jaime Clarke
Dangerous Muse: The Life of Lady, by Caroline Blackwood,
by Nancy Schoenberger, by Liam Rector
Winton, Munro, Berger, by Frederick Reiken
The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa, by Anne McCarty


Why Baltimore House Music Is The New Dylan, by Scott Seward


Wildwood: Nelson Bakerman


My Word: Memoir’s Necessary Betrayal, by Lee Martin
Moving Water, by Kevin Holdsworth
Shouting Obscenities at George Bush the Younger, by Olisa Corcoran


Letters: Letters Home from the Pacific, 1944-46, Francis Arthur Flynn: Compiled and Edited by Rick Moody
Travelogue: What is the Color of Hope in Haiti? by Jason Wilson
Biography: Extending Harry Crosby’s “Brief Transit”, by Edward Brunner

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