Post Road Magazine
Issue #29 | Fall/Winter 2015


Seeking Advice and/or Assistance re: Mountain Lions — Matt Tompkins
In Her Place — Maria D’Alessandro
Two Tons Of Manure — Libby Flores
Chameleon — Phil Hearn
Greyhounds — Devin Kelly
A Boyfriend, Obamacare, a Cat — David James Poissant
Accompaniment — Gary Sheppard
Lynx — Alice G. Stinetorf
Student Paper — Justin Taylor
How to Sleep with Lions — Wil Weitzel


Notes From a Suicide — Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson


Thinking about Zadie Smith — Ryan McIlvain


Caretakers Blues + Devil’s Bridge — Michelle Holley
Cento + Saudade — Jim Whiteside


Figure 8 + 8 Various Artists


Pathfinders: A Play by Ben Merriman


John Banville’s Eclipse — Howard Axelrod
Dignifying the Slog — Carlene Bauer
Everyone’s Invited: Homicide Survivors Picnic by Lorraine M. López — J.C. Crucet
The Great Shame of Knausgaard’s My Struggle — Katherine Hill
Listen Up: Aurally Spinning through Zadie Smith’s On Beauty — Tim Horvath
Suicide by Edouard Levé — Jac Jemc

GUEST FOLIO (edited by Paul Mariani):

Forsaken and Foregone — Scott Cairns
Evolution — Robert Cording
Aquarium — Sarah Cortez
Here Begins the Prologue to the Life of Blessed Anthony — David Craig
The Diving Platform — Kate Daniels
Eighth Floor — Nadine Ellsworth-Moran
There But Not There — Martín Espada
Apples — William Heyen
The Conversion of the Vikings — Mark Jarman
Humani Generis — Philip Kolin
Sonnet — Marianna Krejci-Papa
Small Losses — Kathleen Markowitz
Location, Location, Location — Richard Michelson
Reading Crusoe on the Metro North — Angela Alaimo O’Donnell
Clayfeld’s Vampire Fantasy — Robert Pack


Cover Art: Eugenia Loli, “High Priestess”— collage

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