Post Road Magazine – Issue #09 | Fall/Winter 2005


“The Americans Who Matter”: Michael Moore’s White Liberal Racism in Bowling for Columbine, by Taro Nettleton


A Couple of Polaroids, by Alan Tinkler
Simply Natural, by Patricia Bjorklund
Theatre of the Cruel, by Eugenio Volpe
Late, by Robert Mentzer


Michela Griffo: Paintings and Drawings Introduction by Kathleen Bitetti


Have You Read My Manuscript? Thomas Washington 89 My Life of Crime, by Rory Laverty
Relief: Afghanistan, 2001, by J. Malcolm Garcia
Southern Culture on the Skids, by Ed Tarkington


Botany Notes + No Child Will Choose It, by Amy Beeder
Logbook + Elm & Cancer, by Josie Rawson
Self Portrait as Video Installation + December Sonnet, by Rick Barot
De Se Ipso + New Labors, by Janusz Szuber
After a Rest: Palimpsest + Echo Digression, by Monica Ferrell


Drop It, by Michael Collins


Futility by William Gerhardie Heidi — Jon Schmidt
North Dallas Forty by Peter Gent — Jason Flores-Williams
“The Return” by Andrei Platonov from The Return and Other Stories — Katherine Shonk
What’s It All About: A Novel of Life. Love and Key Lime Pie by William Van Wert — Lisa Borders
Polite Society by Melanie Sumner — Alden Jones
Ask the Dust by John Fante — Rebecca Donner
Time’s Witness by Michael Malone — Tim Cockey
On Boxing by Joyce Carol Oates — Michael Rosovsky
The Single Girl Goes to Town by Jean Baer and Free Books, Baltimore — Josephine Bergin


A Note: E.A.P., by Rick Barot Peter LaSalle
A Semiotic Reverie: At the Sign of the Hand
Document: Taco Bell Receipt, by Rick Barot Tristan Davies
Document: Salinbger v. Random House, Inc., 811 F.2d 90 (2nd Cir. 1987)
Translation: Four Short Poems by J.V. Foix, by Rick Barot Susan Lantz

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