Post Road 37 — Winter 2020

We Must Work on Mother’s Day to Meet the Corporation’s Deadline — Dana Dean
In The High Prairies — Elizabeth Hart Bergstrom
Big Mouth — Rachel Aydt
T’pree — Greg Hrbek
Animal Communication Intensive — Rebecca Curtis
The Dead End — Christopher Luken
Three Stories — Damian Dressick
David Dog — Joe Meno
That My Mom Did to Him — Cole Phillips
Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town — RJC Smith
Fever on Good Friday — Sean Williamson

Bethlehem in Indiana: The Obstetrician Instructs His Son — Robert Cochran
Travels With a Dutchman — Nicolas Ridley
VIP — Samantha Paige Rosen

The Work — Christian Barter
Clarification + Scar — Manuel Iris
Interpreting the Passage + Of Course — Sherry Cook Stanforth
Pennsylvania School of Ballet Closes Due to Snow + About Girls Standing on Steps — Marie Gray Wise

Seeking the Sound of Cobalt Blue: Paintings 2016-2018 — Ellen Hackl Fagan

Edited by Carlo Rotella
An Experiment — Carlo Rotella
I. The Impasse — Carlo Rotella, Charles Farrell and James Parker
Jimi Hendrix Could Never Have Played This — Charles Farrell
II. Around and Around — Rotella, Farrell & J. Parker
Nuance — Mike Martinez
Sincerity — Josh Glenn
A Real Tradition — Evan Parker
III. History — Rotella, Farrell & J. Parker
A Rude Awakening from Dreams of Termitopia — Bill Birdsall
Alt-Hacks: Survival Strategies for Alt-Ac PhD Students — Kelsey Norwood
The Villagers — Charles Cherington
IV. Genre — Rotella, Farrell & J. Parker
The Perfect Country and Western Song — Philip Deloria
Racing Thoughts — Jaime Lowe
How Not to Get Spat Out — James Parker
V. Oscillation — Rotella, Farrell & J. Parker