Post Road Magazine – Issue #20 | Spring/Summer 2011


Golden State, by Emma Cline
Father’s Day, by Joseph Scapellato
Davey, by Jesse Cataldo
Alamo Nights, by Sumanth Prabhaker
Raw Material, by Alanna Schubach
An Inheritance, by Dan Pope


Ophelia, by Hannah Retzkin
Self-Portrait, Number 1, by Katherine Lien Chariott
The Politics of Play, by Megan Kaminski
I Probably Let Some of It Slip Once, by Jonathan Starke


Rebuilding Aesthetics from the Ground Up, by Lindsay Waters


Letters on Space and Hands + Hamal, by Adam Day
Will of the Stunt Double + Once a Boy, by Eric Morris
Summer Evening, Hopper + House of the Fog Horn, No. 3,
Hopper, by Christopher Tozier
Asbury Park, Just Before Winter + Words for a Night Singer, by Jeffrey Alfier


Luis Coig: Paintings Luis Coig Theatre


Dante And Beatrice, 2010 + Fugue for a Man and a Woman, by A. S. Maulucci


Olive Higgins Prouty’s Now, Voyager — Joanna Smith Rakoff
John Dos Passos: USA Trilogy — Pearl Abraham
Treasure Island: An Appreciation — Max Grinnell
Kamby Bolongo Mean River by Robert Lopez — Matt Bell
Shining Examples of Literary Bastards — Natalie Danford
Victor La Valle’s Big Machine — Laura van den Berg
Books with Pictures — Rebecca Chace
Nox, by Anne Carson — Amy Scheibe


A Plea to My Vegan Great-grandchildren + My Billy Collins Moment, by A.M. Juster
Bubbie + Power 69, by Robert Pack
Saro’s Love Song, by Joseph Bottum
A Vision of India, by Whitney Dubie
The Guinness at Tigh Mholly, by Angela Alaimo O’Donnell
A Kind Of Ductility + Morning, by Simone Kearney
When Asked to Explain the Fall of Mankind Hannah Armbrust 80 The Setting Evening + Self-Portraits, by Stuart Krimko
Reasons to Search for Earth-like Planets + Ascension in the Uffizi Courtyard, by Will Dowd
Pavor Nocturnus with Relativity + Someone Will Have to Tell You, by Bianca Stone
The Argument + Proud Hand, by Adam Fitzgerald
Prelusion + The Futurists, by Allison Power
The Visitor + Watching the Light + For Who Knows How Long, by Tryfon Tolides

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