Ghosts — Roycer

Travel, Travel — Wayne Conti
The Last Field — Colin Fleming
Goddess — Mary Granfield
Sick — Colter Jackson
Sad in New York — Elise Juska
Death of a Daughter-in-Law — Judith Lichtendorf
Way of the Dog — Douglas Silver
Mermaid — Gregory Spatz
Renunciation — Diane Yatchmenoff
Poker — Trevor Creighton
Midday Clusters — Casey Haymes

Anchored — Rachel Fleishman
Hodads in Wonderland — Phillip Hurst
On Inis Mór — Helen Sitler
Shortly Before the First Time My Nephew Went to Jail +
One of My Cousin’s Photos from The War + Dang It +
Ordinary Exchange
— Nance Van Winckel
Adult Education — Brandi Handley
Dalinian Triangle — Jeremy Klemin
Middle Passages — Reverie Koniecki
New Year’s Day — Helena Rho
Sticks and Stones — John Wamsted

Sabbath + I will not be embalmed and placed behind
an iron gate
— Kaitlyn Airy
State fair + “Diadems–drop–” — Lauren Hilger
Frugality — Mark Halliday
The Light the Light the Light the Light (One) + The Light
the Light the Light the Light (Two)
— Margaret Yapp
The Butterfly House + Climate Change — Adam Scheffler
The First Aerial Bombardment — Serhiy Zhadan (Translated from
the Ukrainian by Ilya Kaminsky and Katie Farris)
The Correct Approach — Regina Derieva (Translated from
the Russian by Katie Farris and Ilya Kaminsky)
[Night. Street. Lamp. Drugstore] — Aleksandr Blok (Translated from
the Russian by Katie Farris and Ilya Kaminsky)
Infrared — David M. Sheridan
The Pond + Origins and Forms: Eight Sijos — Sarah Audsley
A Habit from Tikrit + Fleeing Never-Pleasure Island — Gordon Kippola
Our Friend Karl — Mark DeFoe
Deepfake Ashbery — Benjamin Aleshire
This is the Light — Carl Phillips

Edited by Christopher Boucher
The Speed of Living + Mother, False — Tara Isabel Zambrano
I Love You, Joe Ceravolo + Sweet Venus + Feldspar — Dan Chelotti
How Do You Roll + I’m Still a Little Sassy — Kim Chinquee
The House — Guillermo Stitch

Brandon Hobson: The Cherokee Novelist Who Quietly Kicked
Off the Fifth Wave in Native American Fiction
— Erika T. Wurth
Camellia-Berry Grass’s HALL OF WATERS — Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes
Joy Priest’s HORSEPOWER — Chet’la Sebree

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