Post Road Magazine – Issue #27 | Fall/Winter 2014


Sunday Lunch And Black Hole — Joy Allen
The Girl I Hate — Mona Awad
Ultraviolet — Kenneth Calhoun
Chix and Quarters — Colin Fleming
Rotten Fruit — Chris Messer
Story — Andrew Wickenden
The Wild Pandas of Chincoteague — Gregory J. Wolos


The Revolution Continues, Why Do You Water the Grass? — Rebecca Chace
Donna and the Country Queens — Abigail Carl-Klassen
The Dolphin Lady of Siesta Key — Kathrin Harris
A Class Act — Paul Schmidtberger


Frederick Seidel’s Bad Taste — Michael Robbins


Another Day — Michael Bazzett
Arnold Schultz Tells the Hug-eyed Boy — J. Camp Brown
Film Sonnet + Film Sonnet — James Franco
Defense Of Poetry + Defense Of Poetry — Christian Anton Gerard
The Moirologist + Geometry — David Moolten
Betty Carter at The Blue Room + Dixie White House Photo — Carolyne Wright


Richard Hambleton: The American Pop Expressionist—with Introduction by Kristine Woodward


The Sluts: A Play — Ben Merriman
Tie a Yellow Ribbon — Atar Hadari


Ayiti by Roxane Gay — Alicia Erian
Manual de Zoologia Fantastica — Melissa Febos
What It Is by Lynda Barry — Joe Garden
The Death of Mr. Baltisberger by Bohumil Hrabal — Pete Hausler
U and I and I — Ryan McIlvain
The Centaur by John Updike — Adam Sexton
The Home For Wayward Clocks — G. K. Wuori

GUEST FOLIO (edited by Carlo Rotella):

How It’s Done: A Criminal Defense Investigator at Work — Patrick Conway
How I Work (KO 0) — Charles Farrell
Winter House — Chris Staudinger


COVER ART: Kevin Van Aelst, “Paradigm Shift,” 2012 Digital c-print, 40″ x 30″

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