Post Road Magazine – Issue #06 | Fall/Winter 2004


Selling Out: Consumer Culture and Commodification of the Male Body, by Eric Tyrone McLeod


Notebook + Bones, by Aaron Baker
The Stray + Pulling into Morning Sophie, by Cabot Black
Estimated Drift + Its Owners Became a Dim, by Margaret Funkhouser
Gleaners + Scarification, by James Hoch
In My Dream I’ve Become a Great Trumpeter + The Fish Hawk at Sanderling, by Sebastian Matthews
The Simple Machines + Happily Ever After, by Laurel Snyder


The Empirical Society, by John Moran


Michael Ayala: Photographs Introduction by Tim Malzhan


Animal Hater, by Samuel Ligon
What Our Father Is Here To Tell Us, by Peter Markus
The Artist and His Sister Gerti, by Christine Schutt
The Business of Leaving, by Felicia C. Sullivan
Well-To-Do-Person, by Diane Williams
What God Sees, by Scott D. Pomfret
Desembre, by D.E. Steward


Waiting Room Stacia J. N. Decker
Divers Weights and Divers Measures Patrick Madden


A Sorrow Beyond Dreams by Peter Handke. Translated by Ralph Mannheim — Richard McCann
The Emperor by Ryszard Kapuscinski — Steve Almond
The Rose of Tibet by Lionel Davidson — Barry Gifford
Mrs. Bridge by Evan S. Connell — Joanna Hershon
P.G.Wodehouse — A.E. Hotchner
Sacred and Vulgar: The Influences of Flannery O’Connor on the Illustrations for the Pennyroyal Caxton Bible — Barry Moser
All Souls Day by Cees Nooteboom (and other books that yearn) — Ben Schrank
Revisiting Old Flames of Literature — Mako Yoshikawa
Recommendations — Alex Beam
Why Did I Ever by Mary Robison — Lise Haines


Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses — Mark Twain
Journal: Berlin, July 18 – August 11, 2002 — Josip Novakovich


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