Post Road Magazine – Issue #07 | Fall/Winter 2004


A Confederacy + Mr. Sweatner’s Parade — David Daniel
The Nineteenth-Century Novel + The Nineteenth-Century Novel II — Eve Grubin
A Hunger So Honed + Self Portrait as the Letter Y — Tracy K. Smith
The Lais of Lost Long Days + Stripped from the Waist Up, Love Olena — Kalytiak Davis
Cellist + Dogs Resembling Their Owner — Peter Jay Shippy

Three Months, No Kidding + Salt — Alison Stine


Sea Monsters — Kate Crane
The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea — Larry O’Connor
Third Street. Stambaugh, Michigan: Late Spring, 1972 — Chad Faries
City Storms — Jeffrey M. Bockman


On the Aesthetic Agenda of the Antiwar Movement, by Lori Cole


Mary Armstrong: Paintings — Introduction by Claude Cernuschi
Stoney Conley: Paintings — Introduction by Claude Cernuschi


Dream Children — Edith Pearlman
Since It’s You — Peter Brown
What We Do — Mat Johnston
Untitled as of Yet — Sarah Nankin
Activist — Andrew Richmond


Note to Post Road Readers — Jonathan Ames


Middlemarch by George Eliot — Donna Morrissey
The Savage Girl by Alex Shakar — Henry Presente
Italian Days by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison — Karl Iagnemma
Plant Life by Pamela Duncan — Lynn Pruett
Antarctica by Claire Keegan — Michael Lowenthal
Robert Walser — Kevin Canty
Open Doors by Leonardo Sciascia — Peter Orner
Michael Byers and The Coast of Good Intentions — Roy Parvin
True Grit by Charles Portis — Tom Franklin
Three Australian Novelists — Sabina Murray


Index: Lolita A-Z
Interview: April Bernard — Reb Livingston
Reprint: Henry James on Turgenev

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