Woodward Gallery—Gates Mural Project Eldridge and Broome Streets, NYC — Various artists

Lucky — River Adams
The Pith — Jessica Alexander
Horse Latitudes — Jamie Black
Charlotte — Brock Clarke
Walking — Nathan Dragon
R. damascena — Irene Cox
The Story of “The Story of the Two Sisters” — Daniel David Froid 
Blood Covenant — Alice Hatcher
Fountain — Greg Mulcahy
Spaghettification — Ali Raz
The Borders of Sleep — John Robinson
Fiddler’s Green — Dennis McFadden

Edited by Suzanne Matson
Say What You Will + Farmhouse Room — Jennifer Barber
Mise en Scène + The Nipple Fish — C. Dale Young
plot + girl with cornrows holding hands with stalk + bird of paradise  — Alexis Pauline Gumbs; Photographs by Pauline McKenzie
Moon Garden + Another Blue Sky — Derek Sheffield
Sharks in 3D — Will Dowd
What I Cannot Remember — Christopher Merrill
Poets Do Not Die — Jahangir Hossain; Translated from the Bengali by Lloyd Schwartz with Jahangir Hossain
Gracilaria, or When She Grows a Whole New Body — Wendy Cannella
In the Time of Vanishing Kingdoms — Nancy Dickeman

The River Roux  — Tom Cowen
Beautiful Things — Zozulka Hausler Lew
There and Back — Maggie Maize
In the Falling Leaves: The Fear and the Fury of the Negro — Allen M. Price
Love, (Un)translated — A. Molotkov
Arlington or No Arlington: That is the Question, Or At Least One of Them — Gail Hosking
The Woman and the Watcher — Melissa Hunter Gurney

Let’s Be Mushrooms + Night Blooming Cereus — Tom Paine 
Notes from a Field on Fire + Félix González-Torres– “Untitled” (billboard of an empty bed), 1991 + Multiclausal Exercises in Translation — Day Heisinger-Nixon
Catfish Heart — Beth Suter
Blizzard + Dying Words — Chris Forhan
I Wish It Were Enough to Be— + The Saddest Thing  — Fay Dillof 
Mezuzah + A bull = A word = Grief — Alexa Luborsky

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