Post Road Magazine – Issue #18 | Spring/Summer 2010


Boombox and Neon Flowers, by Abby Savitch-Lew
The Reclamation Specialist, by Elizabeth Gonzalez
Riven, by Jeff Jones
Genetic Disorders, by Nicole Fix
Honeymoon in Beirut, by Stacy M. Tintocalis
Nine Inches, by Tom Perotta


Sweet Corn, by Bill Capossere
Field Studies, by Alexios Moore
Balakovo, by Natasha Lvovich
The Next Scott Nadelson, by Scott Nadelson
The Possibility of Ocean, by Michael Copperman


Rudolph Wurlitzer’s Infinite West, by Michael Miller


The Nice + Ghost in the Latrine, by Alex Lemon
To my father on the anniversary of his death + Autumn Poetica, by Gretchen Steele Pratt
People in History + The Devil’s Party, by Christian Barter
the ice fields + Against Plugging Away, by dawn lonsinger
After Reading about Cannibals + World, You Need More Calcium, by Hannah Craig
Property + Bickford Avenue, by Jenny Hanning
Local Carnival + The Blessing of the Animals, by Rebecca Morgan Frank
Self-Portrait in My Brother’s Bullet + Chipotle, by W. M. Lobko


Elizabeth Albert: Paintings, Introduction by Nelly Reifler


Sumatra Mandheling, by Jakob Holder


The Road by Cormac McCarthy, by Bill Janovitz
Jack Gilbert’s The Great Fires , by Dan Albergotti
Evan S. Connell’s Mrs. Bridge, by Rebecca Grodstein
Tony Hoagland’s Hard Rain, by Daisy Fried
My Name Is Red, by G. Xavier Robillard
Quickies! and The Dollar $tore, by Kathleen Rooney
Henry Hitchings’ The Secret Life of Words: How English Became English, by Norm Shapiro
The End of the Straight and Narrow by David McGlynn – Lee Martin
Half & Half: Writers on Growing up Biracial+Bicultural, by Ru Freeman
The Island Itself, by Roger Fanning – Matthew Schwartz
The Radetzky March by Joseph Roth. (Joachim Neugroschel, trans.) – Tony Eprile

GUEST FOLIO: Edited by Elizabeth Graver:

BY’M BYE, by Alexandra Chasin
Dead Friends, by Alice Lichtenstein
Confirmation, by Lee Martin
If Laughter Were Blood, They Would Be Brothers, by Mark Brazaitis

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