Post Road Magazine: Issue #26 | Spring/Summer 2014


Loan Suite — Emma Healey
Bright Shiny Things — Martin Cloutier
Omniplanet — Robert Uren
Haystacks — Jaime deBlanc-Knowles
The Summer Hannah Wore a Hat — Matt Izzi
The Price of Admission — Jonathan Papernick
The Woman Who Came from the Garden — Rachael Inciarte
People Are Just Dying to Meet You — David Samuel Levinson
Chendru — Amie Barrodale
Upcountry — Josh Wallaert


In Jamaica — Liz Solms
Disintegration, Loops — Marin Sardy
Room For My Knees — Frankie Lopes
Lantern Festival — Ellen Goldstein
Urban Guerrillas — Annabelle Larsen


Agee’s Astonishment — Brian Norman


In Which I Hoard the Air Escaping + Wait in the Bathtub and It Will Carry You — Angela Voras-Hills
What I Meant When I Said Failure + Through the Looking Glass — Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz
Matisse in Norwegian Museum Once Nazi Loot, Family wants Returned + Catachresis — Jolene Brink
Freakishly Beautiful Head + Out of Sorts — Jeremy Voigt


Ground Control: Various Artists


The Sluts: A Play — Ben Merriman
Tie a Yellow Ribbon — Atar Hadari


Green Darkness by Anya Seton — Debra Ginsberg
Q&A Reflections — David L. Harrison
Eating a Devil’s Lunch with Aleksandar Ristovic — Dan Chelotti
Writing Lessons in Peggy Rathmann’s Good Night, Gorilla — Nancy Zafris
Anatole Broyard’s Kafka Was the Rage — Rachel Shteir
“Dirty Wedding” — Steven Lee Beeber
The Iceman Cometh Again — Kevin Dowd
Gorilla, My Love” — Linda Schlossberg
The Value of Voice — David Philip Mullins
On Akutagawa’s Kappa — Hugh Sheehy
E.R.B. and the Red Planet — Peter Glassgold
The Periodic Table by Primo Levi — Rebecca Chace
You Are the Robert Walser! — Mina Pam Dick
“Reunion,” Cheever and Ford — Stuart Nadler
Moving Waters, stories by Racelle Rosett — Jessica Keener

GUEST FOLIO (edited by Suzanne Matson):

Animal Behavior — Billy Collins
For the Young Woman I Saw Hit by a Car While Riding Her Bike + Atmosphere — Laura Kasischke
Going to Caldwell — Katrin Tschirgi
Against Uncertainty + Against Imperialism — Christopher Merrill
A Winter Wound — Peter Fallon
Song of Argos — Derek Sheffield
Penguins — Meg Kearney
Judenplatz + Cabin — Jennifer Barber
Southern California Ode (1969) + Climate — Baron Wormser
Chiron, on Achilles + First Tattoo — Caitlin Lahsaiezadeh
Sixteen, + Body, Body — Fred Marchant
Still Life with Light Bulb + Poco a Poco — Betsy Sholl
Poem With Refrain By Linda Nathan — Robert Pinsky
The Other Man + Spending the Night + The Categorical Imperative Poem — David Wagoner


Cover Art: Mia Brownell, detail from “Still Life with Lost Migration,” 2012; Oil on canvas, 24″ x 20″

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