[updated 12/7/20]

This semester we’re meeting on Mondays at 3 p.m. via Zoom.  If you have to miss a meeting, please contact the AMEs to find out what we discussed.

12/7 Agenda:

  • Submissions
  • Web proofs
  • Zoom Launch

News & Notes:


Upcoming Events:



Here are a few websites you might check for news in the book world:

In addition, I’ve created separate pages for Resources  – please check them regularly.


In order to make sure that meetings are well-attended, I’ve instituted an attendance policy.   If you have to miss a meeting and you inform me in advance, I’ll consider that an “excused” absence.  If you miss more than two unexcused meetings per semester, I’ll meet with you to speak about your commitment to the journal.

Questions?  Please send them to Professor Boucher.