Issue 01

Suburban Eclogue Brian Simoneau Walk with me down the block. Noticethe rows of maples, perfectlystraight, [...]

It Is Illegal to Enter the Graveyard Ben Loory It is illegal to enter the graveyard if you are not dead. [...]

Scar Robert Lopez This Deborah talks out of the left side of her mouth, as if she's trying to keep what she says [...]

Call for Submissions: A Picture's Worth 1000 500 Words Between September 15 and October 31 2022, we're soliciting [...]

ART:Elizabeth Awalt CRITICISM: Vanessa Gregorchik FICTION: Eric Buechel, Christina Craigo, L Favicchia, [...]

The River + Landscape as Interior Supritha Rajan The River It remembers everything. White tufts the [...]

Index A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S [...]

Spaghettification by Ali Raz Spaghettification is a scientific word. It refers to the vertical stretching [...]

Three Poems by Peter Markus The Song and the River The days pile up, one on top of the other, until [...]

"Charles Garjian, Pa. German Toy Bird, c. 1939, watercolor, graphite, and gouache on paperboard My Mother Caught on [...]

Living with Molly by Sam Fishman One time Molly grabbed my face in both her hands and said: One day you’re [...]

Three Poems by Elizabeth Ellen Untitled love poem/bumfuck Michigan It's impossible to write a love [...]

Breadcrumbs to Home by Michele Zimmerman 17. Jenn sits at yellow Formica table and eats a deli sandwich with [...]

from Four Video Translations: Jerry Hunt (oodiscs VideoO #1 ([1994]) CHEAP NIGHT by Garielle Lutz I was [...]

Continue to Live by Oliver Zarandi My entire family died over one weekend. Perished. There was mom, dad, [...]

Durée by Christopher Kang Written distantly on a Wednesday while waiting for my bed sheets to dry, this [...]

The House Guillermo Stitch Raindrops spattered here and there as Will crossed the street on a diagonal, eyes [...]

Ideation by Elle Nash It began when she moved in below their apartment, or maybe it began a week after when [...]

Some Manors by Tom Laplaige Our doormat used to be a dentist. That was before, in a country we’d never [...]

In a Sentimental Mood By Vanessa Stone There is a need to be of use. To be of service. To be of help. [...]

Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town by RJC Smith We were on the roof, smoking pot.  Rena had a pair of [...]

Big Mouth Rachel Aydt There’s a woman in my neighborhood named Big Mouth. That’s what I call her, anyway. I [...]

The Girl I Hate by Mona Awad So I'm eating scones with the girl I hate. The scones are her idea. She says eating [...]

Post Road Magazine - Issue #1 | Spring/Summer 2001 FICTION: Eminence by Gary LutzA Love Transaction by Maile [...]