Issue 38

ARTGhosts — Roycer FICTIONTravel, Travel — Wayne ContiThe Last Field — Colin FlemingGoddess — Mary [...]

New Year’s Day Helena Rho Staring at the peeling floral wallpaper in my dimly lit kitchen, I feel the first [...]

Dalinian Triangle  Jeremy Alves da Silva Klemin She is calling my bluff. She is calling my bluff and [...]

Ghosts Roycer The ghost reflects and masks my identity as it relates to the work that I do on the streets and [...]

Death of a Daughter-in-Law by Judith Lichtendorf Like she’d done something wrong, like it was her fault for [...]

On One Hundred Years of Solitude Richard Z. Santos No novel needs a recommendation less than Gabriel García [...]

Camellia-Berry Grass’s Hall of Waters Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes About six months ago, right before [...]

The Light the Light the Light the Light (One + Two) Margaret Yapp The Light the Light the Light the Light [...]

Infrared David M. Sheridan On this fall day in Michigan, we all gather on the screened-in porch, protectedfrom [...]

The Butterfly House + Climate Change Adam-Scheffler The Butterfly House For a full monthonce each [...]

This is the Light Carl Phillips             This is [...]

A Habit from Tikrit + Fleeing Never-Pleasure Island Gordon Kippola A Habit from Tikrit My war was softer [...]

Three Poems Translated by Ilya Kaminsky and Katie Farris The First Aerial Bombardment Serhiy Zhadan, [...]

Our Friend Karl Mark DeFoe “Why should I call your name/when I know you’re to blame/for making me [...]

The Pond + Origins & Forms: Eight Sijos Sarah Audsley The Pond Because I knew better, but wanted to [...]

Deepfake Ashbery Benjamin Aleshire "Let's go for a stroll to the river!" ejaculated Diane.And though you’ve [...]

Sabbath + I will not be embalmed and placed behind an iron gate Kaitlyn [...]

Travel, Travel Wayne Conti There were no differences, no, there weren’t. For Dana and for Mark, together, [...]

I Love You, Joe Ceravolo + Sweet Venus + Feldspar Dan Chelotti I Love You, Joe Ceravolo If you can think [...]

Brandon Hobson: The Cherokee Novelist Who Quietly Kicked Off the Fifth Wave in Native American Fiction Erika T. [...]

Joy Priest’s Horsepower Chet’la Sebree There are writers you know and writers you know. Some of the writers [...]

Way of the Dog Douglas Silver Clark Rodney moved into Piper Mansion during the summer I walked dogs. [...]

Sad in New York Elise Juska The bell had rung an hour ago and I was sitting with the rest of the Scouts in a [...]

On Inis Mór Helen Sitler Under strong winds in late October, the ferry rocks on the sea as I sail toward Inis [...]