Issue 39

Lights Will Not Illuminate the Exits Greg Tebbano You’ve never driven drunk. Sure. And you’ve never texted. [...]

Mine Darina Sikmashvili Everything in this house was first another’s. I am tired of our bedsheets, frayed [...]

Salt Of The Earth Vi Khi Nao Sleep is a place where the soul goes to die. And, sometimes it gets lost on its [...]

Louise Marburg Double Happiness Gretchen didn’t know anyone at Evan’s party, and hadn’t expected to, but [...]

The Diptera Douglas Mac Neil Dear [...]

Actaeon at the Movies Eric Lundgren A trenchcoated man staggers toward the marquee. The secondhand coat is only [...]

The Dog Doesn’t Die L Favicchia I had nightmares long after Father had drained the marsh, and it was a while [...]

The Turn Christina Craigo 8/22/18  The Turn happened on a Thursday, on October 7, a day when I was [...]

Massachusetts+October Tawanda Mulalu Massachusetts … you too, you said with the breath of my [...]

Heimlich + Silkwood David Moolten Heimlich For Shira In German, it's just a word that means secret, [...]

Postcard from Home + Fledging Mike Barrett Postcard from Home In sepia a tractor resting in sagebrush [...]

Wreckage Robert Warf There’s a recurring vision I see when I’m alone of a graveyard of burning trucks, of [...]

How Storytelling Gave Me Hope and Perspective Diana Raab I’ve always been somewhat obsessed with reading and [...]

Agate Ted Lardner The last time I saw Craig, I was curled against the spare tire in the trunk of his mom’s [...]

Rating Food I Purged in Sydney as I Walk Three Miles to Weigh Myself Cara Lynn Albert Lord of the Fries is on my [...]

Fallow Periods Brittany Ackerman I. In sixth grade, our homeroom teacher brings a full-length mirror to [...]

The Architect Mehdi M. Kashani A play in one act CHARACTERSTHE PRISONER: 66, barefoot, in striped pajamas. [...]

"up and down the ladder" by Robert Couse-Baker is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Sky, Ladder, [...]