Issue 39

Cover Art: Zachary Schomburg, “Two Orange Chairs” ARTBelow, Beneath, and Beyond  — Elizabeth [...]

Below, Beneath,­ and­ Beyond Elizabeth Awalt “My brother asked the birds to forgive him: that sounds [...]

Duality of Race: Examining Adrian Piper’s Work Through the Lens of Biracialism Vanessa Gregorchik July 19, [...]

Uncertainty + Sparring After Sunset SM Stubbs Uncertainty That the body is a cruel steward is not a [...]


Getaway Driver Matthew Olzmann In the movies, the getaway driver wears sunglasses. He’s patient while [...]

Elegy for the CD Philip Metres To extract, [...]

Prodigy Gaia Rajan We hated Alice, the ache of it burning in our throats and coming up white [...]

Thousandlegger Maurice Manning Big with wonder and daylight behind it, my head’s shadow fell on the floor of [...]

Soup Maurice Manning I had a few potatoes once that I’d set aside to use for seed, but I was hungry and I [...]

Plague Psalm 19 Philip Metres The heavens [...]

A Dream Mary Meriam A northwest current cut the heat in half so cold could bloom and gust in cedar boughs. I [...]

Liberation War + On National TV Leslie Sainz Liberation War Dos Ríos, Cuba, 1895 It began beneath a [...]

Except for the cloud of doom that hangs over everything Matthew Olzmann I’m fine. Aside from the way it casts [...]

Sweet Cathedral Philip Metres It’s true, my Egyptian art museum docent,  [...]

Walking into the Distance Maurice Manning Midsummer and the path in the woods  is dark. I cannot see [...]

Memorializing ­Nia­ Wilson:­100­ Blessings Yalie Saweda Kamara Bless your 18 years.Bless the 19th, if even [...]

The Summer I Nearly Drowned MJ Clark Even if Peter was still alive and we still hung out like we did when we [...]

No Exit: A Gallery Of Existential Horrors Matthew Burnside Smooth and smiling faces everywhere, but ruin in [...]

Time Passes: On Unfinished Things Andrew Bertaina I remember endless summer days as a child--days spent in [...]

IMAGINE US, THE SWARM, by Muriel Leung Laura Villareal During my teen years and early twenties, I was a total [...]

Daring to Be Different: The Merits of Narrative Ingenuity David Philip Mullins My love for fiction has its [...]

On 17776, A Not-Book by Jon Bois Leah Hampton Books, especially novels, are magic rectangles, tidy story boxes [...]

Northeast Regional Allison Titus The train makes a grammar / of our distance / as it glides up and down / the [...]