The Sweater, the Pair of Shoes, and the Jacket

by Rebecca Curtis
from Post Road 3

A daughter disobeyed and the mother of the daughter hit the daughter very quickly with her hand, a thing she had not done before in the past.  Soon the daughter disobeyed again and again the mother struck the daughter in the face with her hand and then also with an object which had been nearby.  The daughter cried and ran away but soon came back and disobeyed and the mother took the object which had been placed nearby for use and broke it upon her daughter who moved from the room on her knees and came back and was beat by the mother who had become three mothers with three objects which had all been nearby and the daughter on her belly moved very slowly from the room and eventually came back and disobeyed and the mother took the daughter’s head in her mothers’ hands and pulled it close to her own and held it in that place for hours, and now that the mother had given the girl a sweater, a pair of shoes, and a jacket, one item upon each departure, the girl was dressed.

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