Issue 40

Mezuzah + A bull = A word = Grief  Alexa Luborsky Mezuzah let’s begin with a blessing for the [...]

Woodward­ Gallery—Gates­ Mural­ ProjectEldridge ­and ­Broome ­Streets,­ NYC Woodward Gallery has [...]

ART Woodward Gallery—Gates Mural Project Eldridge and Broome Streets, NYC — Various [...]

Mise en Scène + The Nipple Fish C. Dale Young Mise en Scène Indigo, aquamarine, turquoise, and a [...]

Moon Garden + Another Blue Sky Derek Sheffield Moon Garden “Nothing that is not there and the nothing [...]

Poets Do Not Die Jahangir Hossain Translated from the Bengali by Lloyd Schwartz with Jahangir [...]

What I Cannot Remember Christopher Merrill Why the order was issued not to congregate in the main square to [...]

bird of paradise + girl with cornrows holding hands with stalk + plot Alexis Pauline [...]

Sharks In 3D Will Dowd Your scent swims through the Omnitheater,full-bodied as these [...]

Lucky River Adams Father Aiden Brennan lined up the gun with a bottle of whiskey and a coffee mug on the table [...]

In the Time of Vanishing Kingdoms Nancy Dickeman Out of nowhere, winds flare, a spark catches the oak, its [...]

Gracilaria, or When She Grows A Whole New Body  Wendy Cannella  It is in that thought that we collect [...]

Farmhouse Room + Say What You Will Jennifer Barber Farmhouse Room A fly buzzes the windowthat looks out [...]

Guest Folio Introduction Suzanne Matson Though I did not begin selecting for this folio with a theme in mind, [...]

Catfish Heart Beth Suter of course the fish didn’t want to be in the poemwould rather have been left to [...]

Let’s Be Mushrooms + Night Blooming Cereus Tom Paine Let’s Be Mushrooms Let’s be mushrooms, you and [...]

Notes from a Field on Fire + Félix ­González-Torres–­ “Untitled”­ (billboard­ of ­an­ empty­ bed),­ [...]

Blizzard + Dying Words Chris Forhan Blizzard That’s a good word—blizzard—blurred, swift, the [...]

I Wish It Were Enough to Be–– + The Saddest Thing Fay Dillof I Wish It Were Enough to Be–– the [...]

In the Falling Leaves: The Fear and the Fury of the Negro Allen M. Price I’m not real, I’m just like you. [...]

There and Back Maggie Maize Mama and I wanted to see the country. We made the 3,409-mile train trip from [...]

Arlington­ or ­No ­Arlington:­ That­ is ­the ­Question,­­ Or ­At ­Least ­One ­of ­Them­ Gail [...]

The Woman and the Watcher Melissa Hunter [...]

Beautiful Things Zozulka Hausler Lew Corona. Only pharmacies and liquor stores will remain open. So everyone can [...]