Issue 41

Crossing Stitches Celia Cummiskey Ian got sick in the spring when the weather in New York was just warm enough [...]

Selections from The Connectivity of Our World Susan Clinard My body of work at its core is about connectivity: [...]

Guest Folio Introduction. Elizabeth Graver Ifirst met artist Mary Lum in 1994 at MacDowell, an artists’ [...]

Muse Found in a Colonized Body, by Yesenia Montilla Felicia Zamora Desire. Each of us longs for something, someone, [...]

Ad Astra + Graftings Robbie Gamble Ad Astra Fresh fox scat on the driveway    yet [...]

Rectangle Allison Field Bell We’re in a house in Oakland—Chris’s house. Bicycles and typewriters adorn the [...]

ARTThe Connectivity of Our World – The Sculptures of Susan Clinard FICTIONThe Face is a Wild Land [...]

Best True Love Stories Nikki Barnhart I was on the subway when the child called me. It was a strange number, but [...]