Selections from The Connectivity of Our World

Susan Clinard

My body of work at its core is about connectivity: compositions that tell stories and speak about our shared humanity. After working for three decades with diverse communities in the arts, I have found the same desires, shared fears, and beauty throughout countless voices. My figurative large-scale sculptures illuminate these connections by incorporating expressive faces and hands with found objects that exaggerate and abstract the body’s history and layered symbolism. The sculptures reflect the times in which we live.

Turbulent Waters, 2016, wood, 9’ x 34” x 26”

“There is something intense yet poetic in the sensibilities of Clinard’s art work….There is a clear luminosity to her work that is contemporary, yet incredibly timeless….Her aesthetic places you in an artistic territory that creates a dialogue, causing viewers to stop in their tracks.”


“In Susan’s work, we see a deep appreciation for human history, for the eloquence of human gesture, as well as for the felt experience of individual lives. And we feel an obvious and contagious joy in what wood and wire, found objects and images, can come to reveal through the work of her hands and shaping spirit. She succeeds in illuminating both the overwhelming and underlaying connectivity of our world.”

Yale DN

The Waiting Room #3, 2019, ceramic, wood, found objects, textile and acrylic, 54” x 98” x 48” (Photo Credit: Lotta Studios)

A Day’s Work, 2017, wood, ceramic, found objects, acrylic, 18” x 32” x 6”

Kinetic Boat, Her, 2016, paper and wood, 16” x 9” x 5”

Hinged, 2015, wood, leather and ceramic, 7” x 12” x 3”

The art folio is available in its entirety in Issue 41 – please click here to puchase it.

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