Issue 37

V. Oscillation Carlo Rotella, Charles Farrell and James Parker James Parker:  Aren’t we describing an [...]

How Not to Get Spat Out James Parker I saw the Who the other night at Boston’s Fenway Park. What’s left of [...]

Racing Thoughts Jaime Lowe My thoughts at first raced.  They shouldn't race at the idea of a theoretical [...]

The Perfect Country and Western Song Philip [...]

IV.  Genre Carlo Rotella, Charles Farrell and James Parker Carlo Rotella: Part of my faith in genre—part [...]

The Villagers Charles Cherington Most people are only vaguely aware of the private equity industry, which [...]

Alt-Hacks: Survival Strategies for Alt-Ac PhD Students Kelsey Norwood If you’re a PhD student in the [...]

A Rude Awakening from Dreams of Termitopia Bill Birdsall “Doing it right” means quality craftsmanship, [...]

III. History Carlo Rotella, Charles Farrell and James Parker Carlo Rotella: I think this is actually a pretty [...]

A Real Tradition Evan Parker Miles Davis is reported to have commented on Wynton Marsalis’ retro “modern [...]

Sincerity Josh Glenn I’m a writer and editor; my friend Tony Leone is a designer. Since we first met, twenty [...]

Nuance Mike Martinez I think this debate is only two sides of a third thing: in my mind, nuance reigns supreme [...]

II.  Around and Around Carlo Rotella, Charles Farrell and James Parker CR:  We tend to go around and [...]

Jimi Hendrix Could Never Have Played This Charles Farrell Jimi Hendrix could never have played what [...]

I. The Impasse Carlo Rotella, Charles Farrell and James Parker Charles Farrell:  I always think that [...]

Do It Right and Make It New An Experiment Carlo Rotella For as long as I've known Charles Farrell, going [...]

Animal Communication Intensive Rebecca Curtis THREE DAYS BEFORE THE ANIMAL COMMUNICATION INTENSIVE I was [...]

VIP Samantha Paige Rosen Melmark My life with Aunt Stephi was framed by Melmark, a private residential [...]

That My Mom Did to Him Cole Phillips I was reroofing a shed in the backyard of my dad’s house because he was [...]

Pennsylvania School of Ballet Closes Due to Snow +  About Girls Standing on Steps Marie Gray [...]

Clarification + Scar Manuel Iris Clarification It's a lie that trees do not know the world. A [...]

Seeking the Sound of Cobalt Blue—Paintings 2016-2018: Ellen Hackl Fagan Ellen Hackl Fagan, Seeking the Sound [...]

Interpreting the Passage + Of Course Sherry Cook Stanforth Interpreting the Passage A train [...]

Travels with a Dutchman Nicolas Ridley Two great talkers will not travel far together. — George [...]