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Wade, Barry K.
Winter Sky (fiction): PR21, 127

Wagoner, David
The Other Man (poetry): PR26, 113
Spending the Night (poetry): PR26, 114
The Categorical Imperative Poem (poetry): PR26, 115

Waite, Urban
The Lost World (recommendation): PR25, 57

Waldman, Ayelet
An Ice Cream War, By William Boyd (recommendation): PR14, 17

Waldrep, G. C.
Lullabye for My Sister (poetry): PR12, 163
Feast of All Wounds (poetry): PR12, 164
Die Fledermaus (poetry): PR16, 191
Sisyphus in Paradise (poetry): PR16, 192

Waldron, Nicola
Afterbirth (nonfiction): PR33, 15

Walker, Nicole
Drought-Tolerant Tamarisk (Tamarix) Aphylla (nonfiction): PR17, 133

Wallace, Eric J.
The Child Shaman (fiction): PR25, 167

Wallaert, Josh
Upcountry (fiction): PR26, 251

Walsh, William
Recommending “First Love” By Samuel Beckett (recommendation): PR21, 55

Wamsted, Jay
Sticks and Stones (nonfiction): PR38, 243

Ward, Nicholas
The Backyard (nonfiction): PR28, 115

Warf, Robert
Wreckage (nonfiction): PR39, 65

Warloe, Constance
Introduction to From Daughters & Sons to Fathers: What I’ve Never Said (etcetera): PR2, 129

Warrell, Laura K.
Becoming Abigail, By Chris Abani (recommendation): PR28, 235

Warren, Robert Burke
Cloud Atlas By David Mitchell (recommendation): PR32, 73

Warren, Suzanne
The Raspberry King (fiction): PR33, 136

Washington, Thomas
Have You Read My Manuscript? (nonfiction): PR9, 83

Wasow, Oliver
Hay (art): PR24, cover

Waters, Lindsay
Rebuilding Aesthetics From The Ground Up (criticism): PR20, 21

Watson, Brad
Willard and His Bowling Trophies, A Perverse Mystery, By Richard Brautigan (recommendation): PR10, 159

Watterson, Zachary
Open Late Hours (nonfiction): PR23, 167

Webster, Kerri
I Am Become a Blunt Instrument (poetry): PR35, 11

Weinberger, Eliot
At the Sign of The Hand (etcetera): PR9, 188

Weitzel, Wil
How to Sleep With Lions (fiction): PR29, 125

Welle, John P. (trans.)
Translating Brecht, By Franco Fortini (poetry): PR4, 30

Weller, Anthony
The Works of Robert Dean Frisbie (recommendation): PR12, 151

Weller, Sam
The Illustrated Man, By Ray Bradbury (recommendation): PR15, 147

Wells, Brandi
Gather the Daughters By Jennie Melamed (recommendation): PR36, 23

Wheeler, Theodore
Uwe Johnson (recommendation): PR33, 105

Wheelock, Jennifer
Talking Faith With A Friend (poetry): PR31, 142
Regarding His Alzheimer’s (poetry): PR31, 144

Whitcomb, Katharine
Early Medieval (poetry): PR11, 202
Dream On His Birthday (poetry): PR11, 206

White, Derek
Coati Mundi (fiction): PR11, 207

Whiteside, Jim
Cento (poetry): PR29, 151
Saudade (poetry): PR29, 152

Whitney, Kim Ablon
Ann Patchett (recommendation): PR31, 183

Wickenden, Andrew
Story (fiction): PR127, 151

Williams, Dawn
Directing Grand Guignol (theatre): PR1, 61

Williams, Diane
Well-To-Do Person (fiction): PR6, 103
My First Real Home (fiction): PR16, 247

Williams, E. Genevieve
Solstice 6 (art): PR26, 42
Solstice 7 (art): PR26, 47

Williams, Greg
Blue Angel, By Francine Prose (recommendation): PR12, 199

Williams, Jenny D.
Baho! By Roland Rugero (recommendation): PR34, 175

Williams, Tyrone
How On Earth (poetry): PR25, 99
Wah Wah (poetry): PR25, 100

Williamson, Sean
Fever On Good Friday (fiction): PR37, 193

Wilson, Jason
What Is the Color of Hope In Haiti? (etcetera): PR3, 168

Wilson, Jonathan
Chiara (fiction): PR28, 225

Winn, Tracy
Cynthia Morrison Phoel’s Cold Snap (recommendation): PR21, 153

Winthrop, Elizabeth Hartley
Dirt Music, By Tim Winton (recommendation): pr14, 81

Wisdom, Alison
What Can a Ship Do for an Island? (fiction): PR34, 169

Wise, Marie Gray
Pennsylvania School of Ballet Closes Due to Snow + About Girls Standing On Steps (poetry): PR37, 117

Wisniewski, Mark
Calculus (poetry): PR14, 37
Land (poetry): PR14, 40

Wolff, Rebecca
Mamma Didn’t Raise No Fools (poetry): PR2, 96
A Good Idea, But Not Well-Executed (poetry): PR2, 98

Wolos, Gregory J.
The Wild Pandas of Chincoteague (fiction): PR27, 89

Wood, Ann
The Road to Los Angeles, By John Fante (recommendation): PR14, 215

Wood, Monica
We Need to Talk About Kevin, By Lionel Shriver and George Eliot’s Later Novels (recommendation): PR13, 179

Woodward, Angela
Carnality (fiction): PR31, 166

Woodward, Kristine
Knox Martin – Woman: Black and White Paintings (art): PR21, 33
Richard Hambleton: The American Pop Expressionist (art): PR27, 33

Worden, Olivia
Delivery (fiction): PR30, 179

Wormser, Baron
Fictional Essay: John Berryman, B. 1914 (etcetera): PR13, 95
Southern California Ode (1969) (poetry): PR26, 101
Climate (poetry): PR26, 103

Wright, Carolyne
Betty Carter at the Blue Room (poetry): PR27, 157
Dixie White House Photo (poetry): PR27, 159
Not On My Resume (poetry): PR35, 193
Don’t Tell the Flies (poetry): PR35, 195

Wright, Charles
W. G. Sebald (recommendation): PR2, 179

Wunderlich, Mark
Device for Burning Bees and Sugar (poetry): PR8, 13
It’s Your Turn to Do the Milking, Father Said (poetry): PR8, 15

Wuori, G. K.
The Home for Wayward Clocks By Kathie Georgio (recommendation): PR27, 177

Wurth, Erika T.
Brandon Hobson: The Cherokee Novelist Who Quietly Kicked Off the Fifth Wave In Native American Fiction (recommendation): PR38, 97

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