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Gaitskill, Mary
Peter Pan (recommendation) PR14, 29

Galaviz-Budziszewski, Alexai
An Excerpt from Just Say Goodbye (nonfiction) PR19, 116

Galvin, Brendan
On the Sea of the Hebrides (poetry) PR17, 75
A Late, Aromatic Moment (poetry) PR17, 77
A Sea Piece (poetry) PR17, 78

Gann, Kirby
Les Abandonnées (fiction) PR31, 111

Garbe, Megan
Snow Leopards (art) PR30, 54

Garcia, J. Malcolm
Relief: Afghanistan, 2001 (nonfiction) PR9, 99

Garden, Joe
What it is by Lynda Barry (recommendation) PR27, 27

Garvey, Caitlin
Clutter (nonfiction) PR30, 67

Geer, Brad
Elegy for a Cousin (nonfiction) PR31, 133

Gellings, Adam J.
Gravel Road (poetry) PR32, 53
The Gymnastics Teacher (poetry) PR32, 56

Genest, Jennifer
What Guy Says No? (fiction) PR32, 63

George, Diana
Paternity Within the Limits of Reason (fiction) PR4, 67

George-Warren, Holly
Joe Klein’s Woody Guthrie: A Life (recommendation) PR31, 75

Gerard, Christian Anton
Defense of Poetry 1 (poetry) PR27, 29
Defense of Poetry 2 (poetry) PR27, 31

Gerard, Mira
Nocturne (art) PR29, 39

Gerstler, Amy
Headless, by Benjamin Weissman (recommendation)PR8, 144

Giannelli, Adam
Dark Daisy (poetry) PR24, 63
The Lingering (poetry) PR24, 64

Gibson, Dobby
Vertical Hold (poetry) PR12,201
The World as Seen Through a Glass of Ice Water (poetry) PR12,202

Gifford, Barry
The Ciné (fiction) PR5, 79
The Rose of Tibet, by Lionel Davidson (recommendation) PR6, 144
Holiday From Women (fiction) PR10, 75

Gilberg, Gail Hosking
Plan of a Story That Could Have Been Written if Only I Had Known it Was Happening (nonfiction) PR1, 119

Gilbert, Jaclyn
The Woman in the Barn (fiction) PR31, 89

Gilsdorf, Ethan
How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu (recommendation) PR24, 139

Ginsberg, Debra
Green Darkness by Anya Seton (recommendation) PR26, 25

Girdish, Jen
The Impossible Return (nonfiction) PR19, 135

Gitterman, Debra
Baggage Claim (poetry) PR15, 107
Those Were Desert Years (poetry) PR15, 108

Glassberg, Roy Ira
Overture: A Riff on the Sin of Despair (theatre) PR19, 165

Glassgold, Peter
E.R.B. and the Red Planet (recommendation) PR26, 193

Glazer, Michele
Clench (poetry) PR32, 199
Peony (poetry) PR32, 200

Glenn, Josh
Sincerity (nonfiction) PR37, 145

Glick, Jeremy Martin
Collateral Damages: Contexts for Thinking of the Liberation of Jamil Abul Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown) (criticism) PR4, 12

Gold, Elizabeth
Sacramento (poetry) PR32, 135
Big Meteor Storm Heading Our Way (poetry) PR32, 136

Goldberg, Kim
Birthday (nonfiction) PR16, 49

Goldberg, Len
Journal: Black Rock City Journal (etcetera) PR16, 133

Goldberg, Myla
Bruno Schultz and Bohumil Hrabal (recommendation) PR3, 66

Goldberg, Tod
Report: Vegas Valley Book Festival (etcetera) PR12, 183
The Laws of Evening, by Mary Yukari Waters (recommendation) PR16, 179

Goldman, Connie
Shift VI (art) PR31, 44

Goldstein, Ellen
Lantern Festival (nonfiction) PR26, 185

Goldstein, Naama
“The Bound Man,” from Ilse Aichinger’s The Bound Man (recommendation) PR12, 181

Goldstein, Yael
Spin, by Robert Charles Wilson (recommendation) PR16, 95

Gomez, Eddie P.
Moments Of Clarity (nonfiction) PR36, 73

Gonzalez, Elizabeth
The Reclamation Specialist (fiction) PR18, 39

Gordon, Donna
Blood Moon (fiction) PR34, 11

Gornick, Lisa
Pity (fiction) PR28, 83

Gottschalk, Andy
Early Adopters (nonfiction) PR41, 11

Gracey, Michael
Night Crawlers (nonfiction) PR35, 33

Grae, Tanya
In Elixir (poetry) PR32, 71
Rewind (poetry) PR32, 72

Graedon, Alena
César Aira’s an Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter (recommendation) PR30, 32

Grandbois, Peter
All or Nothing at the Fabergé (fiction) PR11, 93

Granfield, Mary
Goddess (fiction) PR38, 61

Gratch, Tracey
Way Back (poetry) PR34, 129

Graver, Elizabeth
A Good House, by Bonnie Burnard; and Blindness, by José Saramago (recommendation) PR5, 134
Introduction, Guest Folio PR25, 67

Graves, Michael
Balloons (fiction) PR24, 121

Gregorchik, Vanessa
Duality of Race: Examining Adrian Piper’s Work Through the Lens of Biracialism (criticism) PR39, 183

Griesemer, John
Ernest Hebert (recommendation) PR5, 127

Griffith, Michael
The Dangerous Husband, by Jane Shapiro (recommendation) PR10, 29

Griffo, Michela
Paintings and Drawings (art) PR9, 66

Grimm, Mary
War and Peace as Hypertext (recommendation) PR12, 81

Grinnell, Max
Treasure Island: An Appreciation (recommendation) PR20, 61

Gritsman, Andrey
Overheard: Wake Up New York City, September 2001 (etcetera) PR10, 21

Grodstein, Rebecca
Evan S. Connell’s Mrs. Bridge (recommendation) PR18, 29

Gross, Gwendolen
Stones For Ibarra, by Harriet Doerr; and Of Kinkajous, Capybaras, Horned Beetles, Seledangs, and the Oddest and Most Wonderful Mammals, Insects, Birds, and Plants of Our World, by Jeanne K. Hanson and Deane Morrison (recommendation) PR8, 155

Grubin, Eve
The Nineteenth-Century Novel (poetry) PR7, 13
The Nineteenth-Century Novel II (poetry) PR7, 14

Gumbs, Alexis Pauline
plot + girl with cornrows holding hands with stalk + bird of paradise (poetry, with photographs by Pauline McKenzie): PR40, 68

Gurney, Melissa Hunter
The Woman and the Watcher (nonfiction): PR40, 175

Gwartney, Debra
Hunger (nonfiction) PR30, 109

Gylys, Beth
Riding in the Back (poetry) PR30, 139
Pin Oak (poetry) PR30, 140

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