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Maazel, Fiona
My Life and Hard Times, by James Thurber (recommendation): PR4, 112

MacInnis, Stephen B.
Nifty Fifty #29 (art): PR31, 37

Mac Neil, Douglas
The Diptera (fiction): PR39, 91

Madden, Dave
J.R. Ackerley’s My Father and Myself (recommendation): PR32, 215

Madden, Patrick
Divers Weights and Divers Measures (nonfiction): PR6, 133

Maher, Ronnie E
Photographs (art): PR15, 65

Mahoney, Lesley
Rooted (fiction): PR25, 74

Maize, Maggie
There and Back (nonfiction): PR40, 98

Makhno, Vasyl
The Elephants Head (art): PR19, 153

Malech, Dora
Face for Radio (poetry): PR13, 181
Quick Study (poetry): PR13, 182

Malone, Cynthia Northcutt
Writers and Critics at the Dinner Table: Tristram Shandy as Conversational Model (criticism): PR23, 13

Malzhan, Tim
Introduction to Michael Ayala: Photographs (art): PR6, 66

Mamet, David
Twenty Questions (etcetera): PR13, 221

Manning, David
The Man Who Wasn’t There (nonfiction): PR1, 123

Manning, Maurice
Walking into the Distance (poetry): PR39, 105
Soup (poetry): PR39, 113
Thousandlegger (poetry): PR39, 117

Mao, Sally Wen
Flight Perils (poetry): PR23, 49
Sonnets for Kudryavka (poetry): PR23, 52

Marburg, Louise
No Diving Allowed (fiction): PR35, 47
Double Happiness (fiction): PR39, 173

Marcel, Bethany
Ruby (nonfiction): PR35, 77

Marchant, Fred
Non Sum Dignus (poetry): PR12, 67
Ard Na Mara (poetry): PR12, 68
Almost Paradise: New and Selected Poems and Translations, By Sam Hamill (recommendation): PR12, 81
Sixteen (poetry): PR12, 106
Body, Body (poetry): PR12, 108

Mariani, Paul
In the Shadow of the El (Excerpt) (nonfiction): PR36, 101

Markley, Stephen
No Country for Old Men (recommendation): PR36, 86

Markowitz, Kathleen
Small Losses (poetry): PR29, 101

Markus, Peter
What Our Father is Here to Tell Us (fiction): PR6, 89

Marsh, Erin Lynn
Portrait of Crippled Poet As Woman (poetry): PR22, 23
Art Lesson (poetry): PR22, 25

Marshall, Megan
Three Lives (recommendation): PR28, 131

Martin, Jana
Amo, Amas, Amat and More, Eugene Erlich (recommendation): PR31, 125

Martin, Knox
Woman: Black and White Paintings (art): PR21, 33

Martin, Lee
My Word: Memoir’s Necessary Betrayal (nonfiction): PR3, 113
The End of the Straight and Narrow by David McGlynn (recommendation): PR18, 151
Confirmation (fiction): PR18, 161
Through the Closed Door (fiction): PR25, 76

Martin, Manjula
On the Dating Prospects of Feminist Daughters, or Dear Maureen (criticism): PR12, 49

Martin, Nicholas Patrick
In the Middle of the Middle of Everywhere (nonfiction): PR33, 142

Martinez, Mike
Nuance (nonfiction): PR37, 143

Martone, Michael
Chili 4-Way (fiction): PR21, 149

Marvin, Cate
Why Sleep (poetry): PR3, 41
Ocean Is a Word in This Poem (poetry): PR3, 43

Mastroianni, Mark
Paintings (art): PR10, 50

Matar, Rania
Photographs (art): PR17, 35

Matthews, Sebastian
In My Dream I’ve Become a Great Trumpeter (poetry): PR6, 39
The Fish Hawk at Sanderling (poetry): PR6, 41

Mattison, Alice
Other People’s Houses and Her First American by Lore Segal (recommendation): PR11, 37

Mattison, Alice
Other People’s Houses and Her First American by Lore Segal (recommendation): PR11, 37

Maulucci, A. S.
Dante and Beatrice, 2010 (theatre): PR20, 151
Fugue for a Man and a Woman, 2010 (theatre): PR20, 158

Mayes, Edward
Honest Mistake (poetry): PR32, 141
A Short Talk on the Afterlife (poetry): PR32, 143

Mayne, Ashley
The Hawk Mercury (fiction): PR34, 111

Mazur, Gail
Late Summer (poetry): PR32, 201

Markowitz, Kathleen
Small (recommendation): PR29, 101

McCallum, Shara
“Are We Not of Interest To Each Other?” The Sublime in Elizabeth Alexander’s American Sublime (recommendation): PR13, 143

McCann, Richard
A Sorrow Beyond Dreams, by Peter Handke, Translated by Rálph Mannheim (recommendation): PR6, 139

McCarty, Anne
The Book of Disquiet, by Fernando Pessoa (recommendation): PR3, 80

McClanaghan, Jen
Personal Ad with Lobsters (poetry): PR17, 66

McConnell, John William
Hello, I’m Your Strangler (fiction): PR33, 10

McCorkle, Jill
A Miracle of Catfish, by Larry Brown (recommendation): PPR15, 43

McDonough, Jill
July 19, 1692: Susanna Martin (poetry): PR12,117
September 18, 1755: Mark and Phillis (poetry): PR12,119

McFadden, Dennis
Fiddler’s Green (fiction): PR40, 193

McFarland, Dennis
Michael Downing’s Life with Sudden Death (recommendation): PR29, 123

McGill, Charles
Charles McGill (art): PR32, 16

McGill, Rebecca
Tell the Children (fiction): PR32, 203

McGinnis, Ralph
The Omission of Comics (criticism): PR11, 55

McGlynn, David
Reruns Never Lie (fiction): PR11, 130

McIlvain, Ryan
U and I and I (recommendation): PR27, 161
Thinking About Zadie Smith (criticism): PR29, 23

McKay, Becka Mara
Virgil Visits the Shore (poetry): PR34, 134

McKenzie, Pauline
plot + girl with cornrows holding hands with stalk + bird of paradise (art, with poetry by Alexis Pauline Gumbs): PR40, 68

McLeod, Charles
Microclimates (fiction): PR19, 17

McLeod, Eric Tyrone
Selling Out: Consumer Culture and Commodification of the Male Body (criticism): PR6, 11

McMahon, Kate
Swapped (fiction): PR28, 175

McMeekin, Ross
Libidonomics (fiction): PR32, 89

McMurry, Evan
Drunk in English (fiction): PR17, 153

McNair, Wesley
Delights & Shadows, by Ted Kooser; Search Party, by William Matthews; and Jack and Other New Poems, by Maxine Kumin (recommendation): PR11, 191

McNally, John
The Promise of Failure, or Why You Should Drop Everything You’re Doing and Read Richard Yate’s Revolutionary Road Right Now! (recommendation): PR16, 113

Medina, Pablo
Letter for My Father (etcetera): PR2, 131

Medwed, Mameve
Various (recommendation): PR15, 81

Melleri, Arto *
Sea Winds, trans. Niina Pollari (poetry): PR17, 69

Mellis, Miranda F.
From Rune to Ruin: An Alphabet (Excerpts) (fiction): PR13, 113

Melnyczuk, Askold
Small (recommendation): PR29, 101

Melnyczuk, Askold
No Wedding, No Cake: Moseley and Mutis (recommendation): PR4, 114

Melvin, Jacob
Missing (nonfiction): PR25, 153

Menger-Anderson, Kirsten
The Doctors (fiction): PR16, 117

Meno, Joe
David Dog (fiction): PR37, 99

Mentzer, Robert
Late (fiction): PR9, 61

Mercer, Jeremy
Essay: Observing Victor Hugo (etcetera): PR14, 211

Mercil, Michael
Artists’ Son (poetry): PR35, 31
Colombus, Ohio (poetry): PR35, 32

Meriam, Mary
A Dream (poetry): PR39, 111

Merrill, Christopher
Against Uncertainty (poetry): PR26, 92
Against Imperialism (poetry): PR26, 92
What I Cannot Remember (poetry): PR40, 79

Merriman, Ben
The Sluts: A Play (theatre): PR26, 131
Pathfinders: A Play (theatre): PR26, 131

Messenger, Carrie
Children Left to Be Raised by Wolves (fiction): PR31, 65

Messer, Chris
Rotten Fruit (fiction): PR27, 11

Messer, Sarah
Rabid Dog (poetry): PR3, 44
Looking at Satan (poetry): PR3, 46

Metres, Philip
Sweet Cathedral (poetry): PR39, 106
Plague Psalm 19 (poetry): PR39, 112
Elegy for the CD (poetry): PR39, 115

Meyers, Linda I.
The Spring Line (nonfiction): PR30, 117

Michaels, Leonard
Reprint: What’s a Story? (etcetera): PR12, 59

Michel, Lincoln
Letter to a Young Man in the Ground (fiction): PR31, 145

Michelson, Richard
Location, Location, Location (poetry): PR29, 88

Miller, Ben
V.F. Grocery (fiction): PR2, 54

Miller, Michael
Rudolph Wirlitzer’s Infinite West (criticism): PR18, 33

Miller, Risa
Parts and Pieces: Sven Birkerts, A. Manette Ansay, Steve Stern, Christopher Tilghman, Elinor Lipman, and Amy Hempel (recommendation): PR8, 140

Millet, Lydia
The Complete Tales of Merry Gold, by Kate Bernheimer (recommendation): PR15, 155

Mink, Lucy
Strangely Familiar Places (art): PR24, 76

Mirvis, Tova
Jane Smiley’s a Thousand Acres (recommendation): PR25, 156

Monahan, Jean
Animals in Translation, by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson (recommendation): PR11, 11

Monroe, Steve
The Bakery Off Flatbush (theatre): PR31, 95

Melvin, Jacob
Small (recommendation): PR29, 101

Melvin, Jacob
Small (recommendation): PR29, 101

Molotkov, A.
Love, (Un)translated (nonfiction): PR40, 145

Monson, Ander
A Huge, Old Radio (fiction): PR4, 64
Excision (poetry): PR8, 28
Limb Replantation, Failed (poetry): PR8, 30

Montemarano, Nicholas
Last Last Last (fiction): PR4, 73

Montes, Roberto
Refusing a Word: The Work of Carrie Lorig (recommendation): PR33, 99

Moody, Rick
On Michael de Montaigne (recommendation): PR1, 163
Flap (fiction): PR8, 66
I Love Dick, by Chris Kraus (recommendation): PR10, 9
Tour Diary: The Diviners, North America, 2005 (etcetera): PR12, 91

Moody, Rick (ed.)
Letters Home From the Pacific, 1944-46, Francis Arthur Flynn (etcetera): PR3, 138

Moolten, David
The Moirologist (poetry): PR27, 175
Geometry (poetry): PR27, 175

Moolten, David
Heimlich (poetry): PR39, 141
Silkwood (poetry): PR39, 141

Moon, Michael
The Memoir Bank (recommendation): PR5, 139

Moore, Alexios
Field Studies (nonfiction): PR18, 81

Moore, Alison
Oklahoma on My Mind (recommendation): PR4, 116

Moos, Kate
In a Certain Place, at a Certain Time (poetry): PR3, 47
The Prince (poetry): PR3, 48

Morales, Juan
Handyman Imagines the Battle of Pueblo (poetry): PR32, 195
Self Portrait of Handyman Sanding Floors (poetry): PR32, 196

Moran, Caitlin Keefe
No Good Way (nonfiction): PR24, 92
The Sleeping Kingdom (fiction): PR28, 179

Moran, John
The Empirical Society (theatre): PR6, 49

Morgan, Andrew
Doctor Tukes, Off the Clock (recommendation): PR31, 128
Marie to Eleanor, Resenting Her Elasticness (recommendation): PR31, 131

Morgan, Dolan
Vilém Flusser’s Vampyroteuthis Infernalis (recommendation): PR30, 23

Moriarty, Laura
Hangover (art): PR30, 41

Morlock, Jody
Common Descent (art): PR33, cover

Morris, Eric
Will of the Stunt Double (poetry): PR20, 113
Once a Boy (poetry): PR20, 113

Morris, Mary
Lucy Gayheart, by Willa Cather (recommendation): PR8, 147
Possum (fiction): PR15, 13

Morrissey, Donna
Middlemarch, by George Elliot (recommendation): PR7, 129

Morrison, Margaret
Gummi Bears (art): PR30, 61

Morris Lakes, Elizabeth Deanna
Camellia-Berry Grass’s Hall of Waters (recommendation): PR38, 209

Morton, Brian
Robert B. Parker’s Spenser Novels (recommendation): PR30, 177

Moser, Barry
Sacred and Vulgar: The Influences of Flannery O’Connor on the Illustrations for Pennyroyal Caxton Bible (recommendation): PR6, 148

Moskowitz, Kara
Lower Houghton, 1977 (fiction): PR33, 134

Moulton, Katie
Dedications (fiction): PR25, 78

Moyer, Linda Lancione
Walking Backwards in Takamatsu (nonfiction): PR11, 209

Mulalu, Tawanda
Massachusetts (poetry): PR5, 162
October (poetry): PR5, 162

Muldrow, Michelle
Relicof Landscape and Cathedrals of Desire (art): PR35, 17

Mulholland, Meaghan
Novitiate (fiction): PR25, 80

Mullins, David Philip
The Value of Voice (recommendation): PR26, 175
Daring to Be Different: The Merits of Narrative Ingenuity (recommendations): PR39, 33

Moore, Alison
Oklahoma (recommendation): PR4, 116

Mulcahy, Greg
Fountain (fiction): PR40, 169

Murphy, Devin
Mink River by Brian Doyle (recommendation): PR34, 63

Murphy, Lauri Lynnxe
Spill (art): PR31, 40

Murphy, McKinley
It Broke the Surface (poetry): PR34, 139

Murphy, Sarah
Breathless, My Venom Spent, I Lay Down My Weapons (poetry): PR16, 215
Horoscope (poetry): PR16, 217

Murphy, Tom
Index to the Great Gatsby (etcetera): PR8, 172

Murray, Sabina
Three Australian Novelists (recommendation): PR7, 146

Murvin, Jennifer
Limbs (fiction): PR30, 81

Myers, Patrick
Thin, Brilliant Lines (nonfiction): PR28, 215

Myles, Eileen
Hell (etcetera): PR10, 83

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