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Carins, Scott
Forsaken and Foregone (poetry): PR29, 103

Calhoun, Kenneth
Ultraviolet (fiction): PR27, 107

Cameron, Nora
Sliding Door (fiction): PR23, 65

Cameron, Sheila
Then He Was A Bear (art): PR30, 60

Campana, Joseph
Suite for the Twentieth Century (For Carole Lombard) (poetry): PR16, 37
Suite for the Twentieth Century (For Marilyn Monroe) (poetry): PR16, 43

Cannella, Wendy
Gracilaria, or When She Grows a Whole New Body (poetry): PR40, 84

Cantor, Rachel
Chuliak (fiction): PR19, 125

Canty, Kevin
Robert Walser (recommendation): PR7, 140
Long Stories (etcetera): PR15, 151

Capossere, Bill
Sweet Corn (nonfiction): PR18, 17

Capps, Ashley
Reading an Ex-Lover’s First Novel (poetry): PR12, 187
HWY 51 (poetry): PR12, 188

Carl-Klassen, Abigail
Donna and the Country Queens (nonfiction): PR27, 103

Carlson, Stacy
Six Memos for the Next Millennium, by Italo Calvino (recommendation): PR22, 43

Carr, Emily
Claudia Dey’s Heartbreaker: PR36, 18

Carr, Susan
Burnt Mattress, Birthday Photo (art): PR28, 79
My House with Toothy Cloud (art): PR31, 48

Carrasco, Katrina
The Fields (fiction): PR30, 15

Carter, Joaquin
The Confrontation (art): PR28, 66

Carter, Teri
The Stages of Civility (nonfiction): PR28, 66

Castellani, Christopher
The Life to Come and Other Stories, by E.M. Forster (recommendation): PR8, 151

Casey, Brenna
A Penny and a Nickel (nonfiction): PR19, 79

Casey, Maud
Sister by a River, by Barbara Comyns, The Girl From the Coast, by Pramoedya Ananta Toer (Translated by Willem Samuels), and “Gusev” by Anton Chekhov (Translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky): PR14, 217

Cataldo, Jesse
Davey (fiction): PR20, 101

Catherwood, Rhiannon
Rear View (nonfiction): PR30, 27

Castone, Anna
Wanting a Child (poetry): PR14. 207
The Parachute (poetry): PR14. 208

Celt, Adrienne
Wild Dogs, by Helen Humphreys (recommendation): PR30, 151

Cernuschi, Claude
Introduction to Paintings by Mary Armstrong (art): PR7, 66
Introduction to Paintings by Stoney Conley (art): PR7, 73

Chabria, Priya Sarukkai (with Ravi Shankar)
Aandaal: The Autobiography of a Goddess (poetry): PR22, 121

Chace, Rebecca
Books with Pictures (recommendation): PR20, 149
The Periodic Table, by Primo Levi (recommendation): PR26, 227
The Revolution Continues, Why Do You Water the Grass? (nonfiction): PR27, 19

ChaoChun, Tan
The Leshan Giant Buddha (poetry): PR25, 55
A Sickle (poetry): PR25, 56

Chapman, Maile
A Love Transaction (fiction): PR1, 33

Chariott, Katherine Lien
Self-Portrait, Number 1 (nonfiction): PR20, 97

Chasin, Alexandra
By’m Bye (fiction): PR18, 153
An Altered Book, by Cara Barer (recommendation): PR28, 172

Cheever, John*
Index: Characters from the Stories of John Cheever (etcetera): PR11, 149

Chelotti, Dan
Eating a Devil’s Lunch with Aleksandar Ristovic (recommendation): PR26, 49
I Love You, Joe Ceravolo + Sweet Venus + Feldspar (poetry): PR38, 132

Cherington, Charles
The Villagers (nonfiction): PR37, 161

Chibka, Robert
What Ray Had (fiction): PR33, 75

Chinquee, Kim
Body Language (fiction): PR16, 183
Balloons and Clowns and Popcorn (fiction): PR16, 184
Mash (fiction): PR16, 185
How Do you Roll + I’m Still A Little Sassy (nonfiction): PR38, 137

Choi, Ayn S.
A Dangerous Woman (art): PR29, 34

Choi, Susan
John Dollar and Eveless Eden, by Marianne Wiggins (recommendation): PR12, 13

Chopan, Jon
The Cumulative Effect (fiction): PR19, 189

Choundas, George
Fun With Paper (nonfiction): PR36, 131

Church, Steven
Apology to Henry Aaron (nonfiction): PR5, 111
A Letter to the Bionic Man (nonfiction): PR 5, 113

Chute, Hillary
”I Said I’m Not Yr Oilwell”: Consumption, Feminisms, and Radical Community in Bikini Kill and “Riot Girl” (criticism): PR1, 185

Clabby, Paul
Bat (art): PR26, 36
Sods (art): PR26, 37

Clarke, Brock
Charlotte (fiction): PR40, 87

Clarke, Jaime
Desperately Seeking Pacino (etcetera): PR1, 143
Five Essential Modern Short Stories (recommendation): PR3, 72
Morvern Caller, by Alan Warner (recommendation): PR8, 161

Clements, Marcelle
Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert (recommendation): PR10, 73

Clinard, Susan
The Connectivity of Our World (art): PR41, 17

Clinch, Jon
More Real Than Reality: The Frozen Art of Alistair MacLeod (recommendation): PR16, 219

Cline, Emma
Golden State (fiction): PR20, 11

Clompus, Bradley
Periphery (poetry): PR36, 151

Cloutier, Martin
Bright Shiny Things (fiction): PR26, 51

Cochran, Robert
Bethlehem in Indiana: The Obstetrician Instructs His Son (nonfiction): PR37, 11

Cockey, Tim
Time’s Witness, by Michael Malone (recommendation): PR9, 174

Cockrill, Mike
The Newspaper Reader (art): PR29, 36

Coffin, Jaed
The Sound of Waves, by Yukio Mishima (recommendation): PR17, 83

Cohen, Andrea
The Size of It (poetry): PR32, 181
Jehova (poetry): PR32, 182
Rabbit Hole (poetry): PR32, 183
Bootstraps (poetry): PR32, 184
Pebble (poetry): PR32, 185
Chair (poetry): PR32, 186

Cohen, Leah Hager
A Long and Happy Life, by Reynolds Price (recommendation): PR11, 53
The Dreariest Art, or Why I Write Book Reviews (nonfiction): PR22, 81

Coig, Luis
Paintings (art): PR20, 33

Colburn, John
In Sales (poetry): PR10, 13
Past the Bitter End (poetry): PR10, 20

Cole, Lori
On the Aesthetic Agenda of the Antiwar Movement (criticism): PR7, 57

Collins, Billy
Animal Behavior (poetry): PR26, 85

Collins, Christian (trans.)
Other Suns (fiction): PR35, 120
The Planet Earth (fiction): PR35, 121
Seasons (fiction): PR35, 122

Collin, Michael
Drop It (theatre): PR9, 139

Collins, Wilkie
Reprint: My Miscellanies. A Petition to the Novel-Writers (Communicated by a Romantic Old Gentleman) (etcetera): PR14, 159

Coman, Carolyn
Why I Write for Children (nonfiction): PR22, 84

Comer, Carrie St. George
Morbidezza (poetry): PR17, 141
La Lingua (poetry): PR17, 145
Past the Bitter End (poetry): PR10, 20

Conley, Stoney
Painting (art): PR7, 73

Connelly, Shannon
The Kin-Der-Kids, Little Orphan Annie, and Masters of American Comics (criticism): PR15, 49

Connor, Jackson
Rara Avis: How to Tell a True Bird Story (nonfiction): PR16, 249

Conti, Wayne
Travel, Travel (fiction): PR38, 13

Conway, Patrick
How It’s Done: A Criminal Defense Investigator at Work (nonfiction): PR27, 63

Cook, Kenneth
Easter Weekend (fiction): PR5, 95

Cooley, Martha
Blaise Cendrars (recommendation): PR2, 160

Cooper, T
Sex and [Auto] Genocide: The Sluts, by Dennis Cooper & Swimming to Cambodia, by Spalding Gray (recommendation): PR13, 126

Cope Suzanne
The Boys of My Youth, by Jo Ann Beard (recommendation): PR31, 61

Copperman, Michael
The Possibility of Ocean (nonfiction): PR18, 197

Corbett, William
Introduction to Josh Dorman Drawings (art): PR4, 82
Sheedshead Bay, by Ed Barrett (recommendation): PR4, 124

Corcoran, Olisa
Shouting Obscenities at George Bush the Younger (nonfiction): PR3, 126

Cording, Robert
Shame (poetry): PR17, 61
Evolution (poetry): PR29, 94

Corral, Eduardo C.
All the Trees of the Field Shall Clap Their Hands (poetry): PR13, 169
Our Completion: Oil On Wood: Tino Rodriguez: 1999 (poetry): PR13, 170

Cortez, Sarah
Aquarium (poetry): PR29, 99

Cotler, T. Zachary
House With A Dark Sky Roof (poetry): PR17, 63

Cowen, Tom
The River Roux (nonfiction): PR40, 13

Cowgill, Erin
Nations Cup (art): PR12, 33
Match 2 (art): PR26, 39
Colorado Paris I (art): PR26, 41
Room (Cadiz, Spain) (art): PR26, 44
Running the Ball (art): PR30, 58

Cox, Elizabeth
Strong Opinions, by Vladimir Nabokov (recommendation): PR11, 81

Cox, Irene
R. damascena (fiction): PR40, 103

Coyle, Bill
Field Notes (poetry): PR34, 140

Craig, David
Here Begins the Prologue to the Life of Blessed Anthony (poetry): PR29, 83

Craig, Hannah
After Reading About Cannibals (poetry): PR18, 115
World, You Need More Calcium (poetry): PR18, 116

Crane, Hart*
Guggenheim Application (etcetera): PR14, 63

Crane, Kate
Sea Monsters (nonfiction): PR7, 31
A Woman in Brine (nonfiction): PR24, 20

Cravens, Astrid
The Water and the Weakened Link (art): PR17, 97
Hurricane Esp (art): PR28, 70

Creighton, Trevor
Poker (fiction): PR38, 229

Crews, Harry*
Anthology of Blurbs (etcetera): PR6, 186

Crucet, Jennine Capó
Getting Lost in the City with Edward P. Jones (recommendation): PR18, 149
Everyone’s Invited: Homicide Survivors Picnic, by Lorraine M. López (recommendation): PR29, 69

Cummings, Don
The Winner (theatre): PR25, 111

Cummiskey, Celia
Crossing Stitches (nonfiction): PR41, 135

Curtis, Rebecca
The Sweater, The Pair of Shoes, and The Jacket (fiction): PR3, 13

Curtis, Rebecca
Animal Communication Intensive (fiction): PR37, 61

Cutter, Weston
Saint Rust (poetry): PR21, 157
Saint Say It (Over and Over Again) (poetry): PR21, 158

Czyniejewski, Michael
Victor (fiction): PR15, 163

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