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Eberlein, Xujun
A Hundred Years at 15 (nonfiction) PR13, 107

Eberly, Paul
Hot Waters (fiction) PR5, 84

Edgar, Natalie
South Ferry (art) PR28, 65

Edwards, C. Ronald
The Coffin Handles Were Stalks of Wheat (nonfiction) PR22, 57

Egan, Jennifer
Questionnaire (etcetera) PR15, 219

Eilbert, Natalie
The True Thought Seems to Have No Author: on Clarice Lispector (recommendation) PR30, 87

Elam, Chris
Introduction to Destruction and Construction of the Human Face, By Takahiro Kimura (art) PR5, 194

Eldridge, Courtney
Becky (fiction) PR2, 35

Ellis, Sherry
Interview with Elizabeth Searle (etcetera) PR8, 199

Ellison, Lori
Creases (art) PR28, 68

Engel-Fuentes, Brian
God on Side (poetry) PR11, 49
So Dirty a Smile (poetry) PR11, 51

Ellsworth-Moran, Nadine
Eighth Floor (poetry) PR29, 102

Eno, Will
Books for Readers and Other Dying People (recommendation) PR2, 164
Two Monologues (theatre) PR4, 39
Excerpt from Gint (An Adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt) (theatre) PR16, 169

Eprile, Tony
The Radetzky March By Joseph Roth (Joachim Neugroschel, Trans.) (recommendation) PR18, 227
The Revenge Of Umslopogaas (fiction) PR24, 153

Erian, Alicia
Ayiti By Roxane Gay (recommendation) PR27, 101

Espada, Martín
There but Not There (poetry) PR29, 90

Espaillat, Rhina P.
Two Cameos (poetry) PR23, 70

Ettlinger, Marion*
A Conversation (etcetera) PR16, 27

Evenson, Brian
White Square (fiction) PR3, 20

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