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Oates, Joyce Carol*
Novels of Joyce Carol Oates (etcetera): PR10, 127

Ockert, Jason
Sailor Man (fiction): PR22, 101
The Stories of Breece D’J Pancake (recommendation): PR31, 207

O’Connell, Ellen
Muscle Memory (nonfiction): PR30, 131

O’Connell, George (trans.)
Glenn Gould by Wang Jiaxin (poetry): PR28, 169
Meeting Rain, Wutai Mountain by Wang Jiaxin (poetry): PR28, 171

O’Connor, John
The Pass (nonfiction): PR28, 159

O’Connor, Larry
The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea (nonfiction): PR7, 39

O’Donnell, Angela Alaimo
The Guinness at Tigh Mholly (poetry): PR20, 74
Reading Crusoe on the Metro North (poetry): PR29, 86

Offutt, Chris
Vegetable on the Roof (fiction): PR3, 14

O’Keefe, Michael
ConversationL Mark Strand (etcetera): PR13, 119

Oliveira, Fabia
Hunger (nonfiction): PR35, 93

Oliveira, Melissa
Yearling (poetry): PR34, 132

Olzmann, Matthew
Except for the Cloud of Doom that Hangs Over Everything (poetry): PR39, 107
Getaway Driver (poetry): PR39, 119

O’Nan, Stewart
The True Detective, by Theodore Weesner (recommendation): PR5, 141

Orem, William
Bondservant (theatre): PR34, 88

Oria, Shelly
Miranda July’s It Chooses You (recommendation): PR28, 81
The Closer the End (fiction): PR33, 163

Orlen, Steve
The Alphabet in the Park: Selected Poems of Adelia Prado, Translated from the Portuguese by Ellen Watson (recommendation): PR3, 67

Orner, Peter
Open Doors, by Leonardo Sciascia (recommendation): PR7, 142

Ossmann, April
Newly Met (poetry): PR32, 190

Ott, Martin (with John F. Buckley)
Rallying in Rhode Island (poetry): PR21, 26
Duologue in Delaware (poetry): PR21, 27

Ó Tuama, Pádraig
Specific (poetry): PR35, 126
Magpie (poetry): PR35, 126

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