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Pack, Robert
Bubbie (poetry): PR20, 66
Power (poetry): PR20, 68
Clayfeld’s Vampire Fantasy (poetry): PR29, 81

Page, Judith
Portraits in Plasma (art): PR16, 65

Paine, Tom
Little Boys Come from the Stars, by Emmanuel Dongala (recommendation): PR2, 174

Palm, Angela
Jenny Offill’s Dept. of Speculation (recommendation): PR31, 171

Paniagua, Ricardo
Intersections in Dimensions (art): PR31, 45

Papernick, Jonathan
The Price of Admission (fiction): PR26, 165

Papillon, Buki
Only Softly (fiction): PR25, 81

Park, Ed
The Freud Notebook 2006-2008 (criticism): PR17, 85

Parke, Melanie
Morning Table (art): PR28, 78

Parker, Evan
A Real Tradition (nonfiction): Parker, Evan

Parker, James
How Not to Get Spat Out (nonfiction): PR37, 174

Parker, Ryan
To Kneel Somewhere in Iowa (fiction): PR30, 124

Parnell, Catherine
Wisteria (fiction): PR23, 113

Parras, John
Biography of the Artist (fiction): PR25, 82

Parrish, Tim
Head, by William Tester (recommendation): PR5, 137

Parry, Halley
Isn’t That Nice (fiction): PR32, 167

Parvin, Roy
Michael Byers and the Coast of Good Intentions (recommendation): PR7, 143

Patrick, Oona Hyla
The Shack of Art and Healing (nonfiction): PR4, 52
The Three Marias: Whatever Happened to Portugal’s Pussy Riot? (recommendation): PR4, 52

Pau-Llosa, Ricardo
Port of Miami, from the MacArthur Causeway (poetry): PR32, 193

Pearlman, Edith
Dream Children (fiction): PR7, 83

Pei, Lowry
Eudora Welty’s the Golden Apples (recommendation): PR13, 15

Perabo, Susan
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling (recommendation): PR12, 31

Pereira, KL
The Doll’s Alphabet by Camilla Grudova (recommendation): PR35, 13

Perkes, Logan
The Illusion of Symmetry (nonfiction): PR15, 31

Peroni, Paola
The Room Where Elizabeth Bishop Slept (fiction): PR31, 51

Perrotta, Tom
Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, by Mario Vargas Llosa (recommendation): PR5, 143
The Smile on Happy Chang’s Face (fiction): PR8, 75
Twenty Questions (etcetera): PR10, 219
Nine Inches (fiction): PR18, 211

Peterson, Allan
Thinking Mark I Write Mary (poetry): PR35, 72
Self Realization (poetry): PR35, 73
The Hidden (poetry): PR35, 74

Peterson, Beth
Journey to the Center of the Earth (nonfiction): PR34, 97

Petro, Melissa
Working Nights in the Artificial Day, Working Days in the Artificial Night (nonfiction): PR14, 133

Petrocelli, Yolanda
Yolanda Petrocelli (art): PR22, 65

Phillips, Carl
This is the Light (poetry): PR38, 256

Phillips, Cole
That My Mom Did to Him (fiction): PR37, 121

Phillips, Lisa A.
The Confessions of Noa Weber, by Gail Hareven (recommendation): PR32, 178

Phillips, Patrick
Those Georgia Sundays (poetry): PR10, 25
Litany (poetry): PR10, 26

Phillips, Patrick (trans.)
Casa Blanca, by Henrik Nordbrandt (poetry): PR10, 196
Anchorage, by Henrik Nordbrant (poetry): PR10, 198

Pinsky, Robert
James McMichael (recommendation): PR3, 71
Poem with Refrain by Linda Nathan (poetry): PR26, 112

Pippin, Stephanie
Good Science (poetry): PR8, 16
Heart (poetry): PR8, 18

Plunkett, Genevieve
Single (fiction): PR36, 137

Pochoda, Ivystrong>
Fourth of July Creek (recommendation): PR30, 93

Pocorobba, Janet
Ludwig Bemelmans (recommendation): PR36, 133

Poissant, David James
Flight Patterns (fiction): PR29, 105
A Boyfriend, Obamacare, A Cat (fiction): PR29, 110

Pollack, Neal
Heed the Thunder, by Jim Thompson (recommendation): PR8, 146

Pollack, Rachel
For the Time Being, by Annie Dillard (recommendation): PR34, 37

Pollard, Heidi
Swat (art): PR28, 69

Parrish, Tim
Newly (recommendation): PR5, 137

Pollari, Niina
Isotope (poetry): PR17, 68

Pollari, Niina (trans.)
Sea Winds, by Arto Melleri (poetry): PR17, 69p>

Pomfret, Scott D.
What God Sees (fiction): PR6, 104

Pope, Dan
A Sport and a Pastime, by James Salter (recommendation): PR10, 217
Drive-In (fiction): PR11, 115
An Inheritance (fiction): PR20, 167

Popielaski, John
Invasion (poetry): PR19, 201
Disconnection (poetry): PR19, 201

Post, Frank Foster
Angelo Silver (art): PR29, 37

Potter, Dünny Josafat
Valerie Brennan: Peanut Gallery (art): PR24, 65

Pourciau, Glen
Adjust (fiction): PR33, 137

Powell, Caleb
Miss Ang Has a Very Comfortable Life (fiction): PR19, 181

Powell, Elizabeth
I Spy (poetry): PR12, 9
12. District Courthouse, Divorce Court, White Plains, New York (poetry): PR21, 81
1. Apocalyptic Wife (poetry): PR21, 82

Power, Allison
Prelusion (poetry): PR20, 91
The Futurists (poetry): PR20, 92

Prabhaker, Sumanth
Alamo Nights (fiction): PR20, 119

Prater, Tzarina T.
“Old Man Your Kung Fu is Useless:” African American Spectatorship and Hong Kong Action Cinema (criticism): PR2, 185

Pratt, Gretchen Steele
To My Father on the Anniversary of His Death (poetry): PR18, 31
Autumn Poetica (poetry): PR18, 32
True Abandon (poetry): PR18, 91

Presente, Henry
The Savage Girl, by Alex Shakar (recommendation): PR7, 131

Price, D. Gatling
Still Wreck (fiction): PR10, 185
Charcoal for Locust (fiction): PR23, 141

Price, J.T.
Lessons from the Masters (fiction): PR33, 119

Probasco, Philip
Blood Loss (fiction): PR36, 107

Proulx, E. Annie
A Postcard (recommendation): PR1, 156

Pruett, Lynn
A Plant Life by Pamela Duncan (recommendation): PR7, 136

Purpura, Lia
Invitation (poetry): PR32, 187

Pynchon, Thomas*
Anthology: The Blurbs of Thomas Pynchon (etcetera): PR14, 11

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