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Hadari, Atar
The Passover Weddings (poetry) PR23, 83
Tie a Yellow Ribbon (theatre) PR26, 229
Nothing (poetry) PR34, 136

Hagenston, Becky
Perishables (fiction) PR31, 197

Hagy, Alyson
A Good Man is Hard to Find, by Flannery O’Connor (recommendation) PR13, 93

Haigh, Jennifer
Pizza Man (fiction) PR14, 113

Haines, Lise
Why Did I Ever, by Mary Robison (recommendation) PR6, 157

Haley, Melissa
She, Under the Umbrella, Went (nonfiction) PR11, 171

Halliday, Mark
Frugality (poetry) PR38, 68

Halovanic, Maria
Femmáge (poetry) PR15, 137
Afterimage from a Train (poetry) PR15, 138

Hambleton, Richard
Richard Hambleton: The American Pop Expressionist (art) PR27, 33

Hamburger, Aaron
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum (recommendation) PR17, 15

Hamilton, Saskia
Room (poetry) PR4, 27
Extend (poetry) PR4, 30

Hampton, Leah
On 17776, A Not-Book by Jon Bois (recommendation) PR39, 25

Handley, Brandi
Adult Education (nonfiction) PR38, 153

Hanning, Jenny
Property (poetry) PR18, 179
Bickford Avenue (poetry) PR18, 180

Hansmann, V.
Goodnight, Moon (nonfiction) PR28, 149

Hanson, Alan
Blessed Holy Fuck (poetry) PR31, 64

Harding, John Wesley (see also Stace, Wesley)
Listerine: The Life and Opinions of Laurence Sterne (etcetera) PR5, 174
The Lost Stradivarius, Moonfleet, and the Nebuly Coat: The Abnormal Responses of John Meade Falkner (recommendation) PR11, 89
Journal: (Unexpurgated) Tour Journal (etcetera) PR16, 221

Hardy, Edward
Apology Number 21, or What You Should Know About the Library (fiction) PR25, 72

Harn, John
Yard Work (poetry) PR34, 117
Jewelry On (poetry) PR34, 118

Harnetiaux, Trish
The Dorsal Striatum (theatre) PR13, 129

Haroutunian, Nicole
Calamity and Other Stories by Daphne Kalotay (recommendation) PR32, 37

Harris, Cris
IIII (nonfiction) PR34, 177

Harris, Kathrin
The Dolphin Lady of Siesta Key (nonfiction) PR27, 171

Harrison, David L.
Q&A Reflections (recommendation) PR26, 29

Harrison, Donald MacLeod
The Golden Brain (fiction) PR21, 91

Harrison, Jeffrey
EFT (poetry) PR32, 188
February Morning (poetry) PR32, 189

Hart, JoeAnn
Cross Creek, by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (recommendation) PR12, 189

Hart, Matt
In Memory of Somebody Else’s Feelings (poetry) PR19, 143
Upon Seeing Again the Thriving (poetry) PR19, 147
Deafheaven Fried Chicken (poetry) PR30, 35
Poem for Robert Bly (poetry) PR30, 37

Hartley, Heather
Partner My Partner (poetry) PR14, 59
The Kharma Club (poetry) PR14, 61

Hartnett, Annie
Magical Realism Story Collections for the Trump Era (recommendation) PR33, 61

Harvey, Matthea
The Difference Between the Need for Consistency & the State of Expectation (poetry) PR4, 31
Definition of Weather (poetry) PR4, 32

Harwood, Seth
Fisher Cat (fiction) PR12, 169

Hatcher, Alice
Blood Covenant (fiction): PR40, 129

Hauser, Sarah
Bunny in a Room IV (art) PR30, 52

Hausler, Pete
From Hell, by Alan Moore, Illustrated by Eddie Campbell (recommendation) PR1, 172
Wind, Sand And Stars, by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry (recommendation) PR8, 137
The Wine Went Down in the Bottle: The Passive Beauty of John Steinbeck’s Tortilla Flat (recommendation) PR25, 86
The Death of Mr. Baltisberger by Bohumil Hrabal (recommendation) PR27, 13
How the 1% Stole America: “Days of Destruction Days of Revolt,” by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco (recommendation) PR33, 24

Hausler Lew, Zozulka
Beautiful Things (nonfiction): PR40, 49

Hawley, Michael
Allapattah (fiction) PR28, 97

Haymes, Casey
Midday Clusters (fiction) PR38, 251

Hazlewood, Carl E.
About Angels (art) PR25, 33

Healey, Emma
Loan Suite (fiction) PR26, 15

Healey, Steve
God (poetry) PR17, 121
Random Violence (poetry) PR17, 122

Healy, Lorraine
What We’ve Forgotten (poetry) PR16, 25

Hearn, Phil
Chameleon (fiction) PR29, 153

Hearst, Michael
Three Short Stories (nonfiction) PR15, 157

Heffernan, Julie
Self Portrait as Intrepid Scout Leader (art) PR29, 38

Hefner, Marston
Forgetting Everything I Know (fiction) PR36, 129

Heine, Karl
Green Panes—Broken Sky (art) PR28, 67
NO PERMISSION (art) PR36, 33

Heisinger-Nixon, Day
Notes from a Field on Fire + Félix González-Torres– “Untitled” (billboard of an empty bed), 1991 + Multiclausal Exercises in Translation (poetry): PR40, 91)

Hemery, Michael
Paul’s Boots (nonfiction) PR17, 117

Hempel, Amy
Pearson Marx (recommendation) PR1, 16

Hempel, Amy*
A Conversation (etcetera) PR14, 83

Heredia, Oscar Martinez
La Calaca (art) PR29, 47

Hergenrader, Trent
The Mouth of the Volga (nonfiction) PR21, 21

Herman, Molly
Silverpoint Series (art) PR24, 70

Hernandez, Sonne
Floater (art) PR26, 33
Blind-Sided (art) PR26, 35
Showtime on Demand (art) PR26, 38

Hero, Claire
Marginalia (poetry) PR5, 41
Divination (poetry) PR5, 42

Herrington, B. P.
Haunting Those Same Old Places (fiction) PR33, 107

Hershon, Joanna
Mrs. Bridge, by Evan S. Connell (recommendation) PR6, 145

Hess, Michael J.
James Dean Posters on the Wall (nonfiction) PR32, 99

Heti, Sheila
Kurt Vonnegut (recommendation) PR14, 175

Hett, Jim
Jim Hett: They’re All the Same Except They’re All Different (art) PR23, 33

Heyen, William
Apples (poetry) PR29, 84

Hicks, Dylan
Nightmare Abbey by Thomas Love Peacock (recommendation) PR32, 137

Higgs, Christopher
Hold Your Horses the Elephants Are Coming (nonfiction) PR16, 155

Hilger, Lauren
On Edith Wharton (recommendation) PR34, 127
State Fair + “Diadems–Drop–” (poetry) PR38, 58

Hill, Daniel
Paintings (art) PR8, 34

Hill, Katherine
The Great Shame of Knausgaard’s My Struggle (recommendation) PR29, 139

Hill, Owen
Pike by Benjamin Whitmer (recommendation) PR23, 23

Hiller, Ruth
Trip (art) PR37, cover

Himmer, Steve
The Islands of George Mackay Brown (recommendation) PR25, 196

Hitchcock, Stephen
Mr. Gates Goes to Washington (fiction) PR32, 140

Hoagland, Edward
The Circus of Dr. Lao, by Charles G. Finney (recommendation) PR5, 135

Hobson, Brandon
Red Owl (fiction) PR25, 137

Hoch, James
Gleaners (poetry) PR6, 36
Scarification (poetry) PR6, 37

Hodgman, Jan
Small World (nonfiction) PR4, 46

Hoffman, Alice
Transformations (fiction) PR16, 267

Hoffman, Richard
After Long Silence, by Helen Fremont (recommendation) PR10, 56
Nothing to Look at Here (fiction) PR13, 197

Holder, Jakob
Sumatra Mandheling (theatre) PR18, 109

Holdsworth, Kevin
Moving Water (nonfiction) PR3, 121

Holland, Noy
A Sport and a Pastime, by James Salter (recommendation) PR16, 127

Hollander, David
Whatever Happened to Harlan? A Report From the Field (nonfiction) PR16, 51

Holliday, Frank
David Spiher: A New York Painter (art) PR13, 65

Hollmeyer, Jenn
We Shared a Duplex (fiction) PR23, 18

Holley, Michelle
Caretakers Blues (poetry) PR29, 120
Devil’s Bridge (poetry) PR29, 122

Holman, Virginia
An American Memory and I am Zoe Handke, by Eric Larsen (recommendation) PR8, 135

Holmes, Martha Stoddard
Body Without Organs (nonfiction) PR24, 111

Hood, Ann
First Novels (recommendation) PR11, 47
Crooning with Dino (fiction) PR14, 145
Man’s Best Friend (fiction) PR22, 45

Hoover, Michelle
John Edgar Wideman: The Last Great Radical (recommendation) PR21, 29

Hoppe, Curt
Arturo Vega (Arturo Vega With Portrait) (art) PR29, 33

Horrocks, Caitlin
Travels In Moominvalley (recommendation) PR23, 91

Houlihan, Meghan
The Market (fiction) PR34, 39

Horvath, Tim
Listen Up: Aurally Spinning Through Zadie Smith’s on Beauty (recommendation) PR29, 160

Hosking, Gail
The Abcs of Parting (nonfiction) PR24, 55
Saudade (nonfiction) PR35, 157
Arlington or No Arlington: That is the Question, Or At Least One of Them (nonfiction): PR40, 163

Hossain, Jahangir
Poets Do Not Die (poetry, translated from the Bengali by Lloyd Schwartz with Jahangir Hossain): PR40, 83

Hotchner, A. E.
P. G. Wodehouse (recommendation) PR6, 146

Houle, Adam
The County Fair Building for Animal Husbandry (poetry) PR24, 21
We are Fewer than Before (poetry) PR24, 22

Hrbek, Greg
T’pree (fiction) PR37, 49

Hryniewiez-Yarbrough, Ewa (trans.)
De Se Ipso, by Janusz Szuber (poetry) PR9, 131
New Labors, By Janusz Szuber (poetry) PR9, 132

Huber, K. M.
Visit with a Forgotten People (nonfiction) PR10, 107

Huddle, David
Kent Haruf’s Plainsong (recommendation) PR31, 87

Huey, Amorak
Harmonica (poetry) PR22, 41
Harmonica II (poetry) PR22, 42

Hughes, Mary-Beth
Bel Canto by Ann Patchett (recommendation) PR4, 106

Hummel, Maria
New York Selves: An Elegy (poetry) PR11, 193
God Machine on Adversity (poetry) PR11, 196

Hunt, Jerry
Four Video Translations (theatre) PR10, 33

Huntington, David
Beijing (poetry) PR36, 89

Hurst, Phillip
Hodads in Wonderland (nonfiction) PR38, 47

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