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D’Agata, John
A Genre You Haven’t Loved Enough (recommendation): PR15, 63

Dahl, Elisabeth
In the Bed (nonfiction): PR30, 13

Dahlie, Michael
An Autobiography, by Anthony Trollope (recommendation): PR19, 200

Darc, Cameron
The Face is a Wild Land (fiction):PR41, 37

D’Alessandro, Maria
In Her Place (fiction): PR29, 71

Dalton, Quinn
Various (recommendation): PR15, 197

Dalton, Trinie
Confessions (fiction): PR25, 123

Dameron, Jim
Two Birds (nonfiction): PR8, 97

Danford, Natalie
Shining Examples of Literary Bastards (recommendation): PR20, 117

Daniel, David
A Confederacy (poetry): PR7, 11
Mr. Sweatner’s Parade (poetry): PR7, 12

Daniels, Jim
Screaming Jay Hawkins Esperanto (poetry): PR34, 56

Daniels, Kate
The Diving Platform (poetry): PR29, 97

Danon, Ruth
The Small Perfectly Lidded Copper-Bottomed Cooking Pot (fiction): PR30, 39

Darby, Ann
A Poetics of Risk (etcetera): PR4, 131

Davidson, Karin C.
The Last I Saw Mitsou (fiction): PR25, 69
Let Me (guest folio): PR41, 80

Davies, Tristan
Receipt: Taco Bell (etcetera): PR9, 191

Davis, Alan
The Moviegoer, by Walker Percy (recommendation): PR13, 111

Davis, Carol V.
The Orchard, by Brigit Pegeen Kelly (recommendation): PR17, 133

Davis, Lisa Selin
”The Ordinary Son,” by Ron Carlson (recommendation): PR12, 167

Davis, Olena Kalytiak
The Lais of Lost Long Days (poetry): PR7, 20
Stripped From the Waist Up, Love (poetry): PR7, 21

Dawes, Theodore
Circumstance (fiction): PR31, 13

Dawidoff, Nicholas
A River Runs Through It, by Norman Maclean (recommendation): PR4, 105

Day, Adam
Letters On Space and Hands (poetry): PR20, 51
Hamal (poetry): PR20, 53

Day, Cathy
Pig Boy’s Wicked Bird: A Memoir, by Doug Crandell (recommendation): PR11, 107

Day, Dalton
Spring Break At the DMV (theatre): PR36, 57

deBlanc-Knowles, Jaime
Haystacks (fiction): PR26, 121

Decker, Stacia J.N.
Waiting Room (nonfiction): PR6, 127

DeFoe, Mark
Our Friend Karl (poetry): PR38, 240

de Gramont, Nina
Now It’s Clean (fiction): PR10, 161

DeLeon, Genevieve
Untitled (guest folio): PR41, 77

Deloria, Philip
The Perfect Country & Western Song (nonfiction): PR37, 169

Dempster, Brian Komei
Graffiti (poetry): PR5, 37
The Chain (poetry): PR5, 39
Jap (poetry): PR24, 39
’Nam (poetry): PR24, 43

Deutsch, Glenn
So Big Like That (nonfiction): PR30, 187

Dick, Mina Pam
You Are the Robert Walser! (recommendation): PR26, 235

Dickinson, Elizabeth Evitts
Notes from a Suicide (nonfiction): PR29, 49

Dicks, Matthew
The Tale of Despereaux (recommendation): PR30, 187

Dickson, Rebecca
The Faith of Our Fathers (nonfiction): PR12, 191

Dickstein, Morris
Kerouac’s on the Road at Fifty (recommendation): PR16, 163

DiClaudio, Dennis
Scenes from the Life and Times of Little Billy Liver (theatre): PR8, 113

Dickeman, Nancy
Return to Atomic City (poetry): PR32, 194
In the Time of Vanishing Kingdoms (poetry): PR40, 86

Didyk, Laura
Farewell (nonfiction): PR16, 61

Dierbeck, Lisa
Lynne Tillman’s No Lease on Life (recommendation): PR14, 209

Dietz, Maggie
Mediterranean (poetry): PR23, 74
Galilee (poetry): PR23, 75

Dillof, Fay
I Wish It Were Enough to Be— + The Saddest Thing (poetry): PR40, 190

Dimidis, Paula
A Peek inside the Ledger (nonfiction): PR41, 103

Dinerstein, Joel
To Face the Music and Dance (nonfiction): PR19, 87

Di Paoli, Matthew
Worship (fiction): PR21, 87

Dixon, Jonathan
Preston Falls, by David Gates (recommendation): PR25, 202

Doherty, Paul
Six 100-Word Memoirs (nonfiction): PR36, 92

Dolin, Sharon
First Why (poetry): PR10, 79
And How (poetry): PR10, 80

Dolinger, Thomas
An Element of Blank Figuring Pain in Graphic Narrative (criticism): PR32, 75

Donner, Rebecca
Ask the Dust, by John Fante (recommendation): PR9, 172

Donovan, Matt
Sargent Adrift at the Trenches (poetry): PR19, 11
The Owl for at Least a Few Steps (poetry): PR19, 14

Dop, Gary
Mazatlan (poetry): PR24, 127
Learning the Fastball (poetry): PR24, 128

Dorman, Josh
Drawings (art): PR4, 82

Dowd, Kevin
The Iceman Cometh Again (recommendation): PR26, 146

Dowd, Will
The Cave and Its Caveman: First Prophet (poetry): PR17, 79
Seventeen Haiku for the End of the World (poetry): PR17, 81
Reasons to Search for Earth-Like Planets (poetry): PR20, 83
Ascension in the Uffizi Courtyard (poetry): PR20, 84
The Little Things (etcetera): PR28, 31
Sharks in 3D (poetry): PR40, 78
They Don’t Like Emptiness (guest folio): PR41, 85

Downing, Brynn
Whale Fall (poetry): PR34, 59
This Land (poetry): PR34, 61

Doyle, Jacqueline
The Professor’s Chair (fiction): PR33, 101
My Slinky Ex (fiction): PR33, 104

Drager, Lindsey
The Antique Paradigm (theatre): PR30, 89

Dragon, Nathan
Walking (fiction): PR40, 95

Drain, Kim
Famous Cake (fiction): PR13, 85

Dressick, Damian
Three Stories (fiction): PR37, 93

Drakopoulos, Angie
Paintings (art): PR8, 41

Dryansky, Amy
The Bed Was Made (poetry): PR17, 64

Dubie, Whitney
A Vision of India (poetry): PR20, 72

Duff-Strautmann, Valerie
Mark Slouka’s Essays from the Nick of Time (recommendation): PR22, 98

Dumanis, Michael
My Mayakovsky (poetry): PR13, 61
Crime Spree (poetry): PR13, 63

Dungy, Camille T.
Poet, Heal Thyself (nonfiction): PR22, 87

Dunlap, Murray
Alabama (fiction): PR13, 10

Dunn, Meghan
Soap Sirens (poetry): PR15, 91
Advice for a Soap Siren (poetry): PR15, 92

Durham, David Anthony
A Scot’s Quair, by Lewis Grassic Gibbon (recommendation): PR11, 141

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