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Fagan, Ellen Hackl
Seeking the Sound Of Cobalt Blue— PR37, 17 Paintings 2016-2018 (art)

Fallon, Peter
A Winter Wound (poetry) PR26, 94

Faries, Chad
Third Street. Stambaugh, michigan: Late Spring, 1972 (nonfiction) PR7, 48

Farrell, Charles
Things I Couldn’t Fix (nonfiction) PR19, 95
How I Work (KO 0) (nonfiction) PR27, 49
Jimi Hendrix Could Never Have Played This (nonfiction) PR37, 131

Farris, Katie and Kaminsky, Ilya (trans.)
The Correct Approach by Regina Derieva (poetry) PR38, 164

Farris, Katie and Kaminsky, Ilya (trans.)
[Night. Street. Lamp. Drugstore] by Aleksandr Blok PR38, 165 (poetry)

Fath, Lauren
Haystacks (nonfiction) PR24, 169

Fazio, Joseph
A Local Myth (fiction) PR25, 71

Febos, Melissa
Manual De Zoología Fantástica (recommendation) PR27, 135

Feinberg, Ezra
Is Psychoanalysis too Serious? (criticism) PR25, 27

Feitell, Merrill
“Sonny’s Blues,” By James Baldwin (recommendation) PR11, 143

Feldman, Ezra Dan
Lydia Davis’s “Happiest Moment” and the Convoluted Temporalities of Very Short Fiction (criticism) PR31, 187

Ferrell, Carolyn
A Visit to the Antipodes (recommendation) PR32, 145

Ferrell, Monica
After a Rest: Palimpsest (poetry) PR9, 133
Echo Digression (poetry) PR9, 135

Ferrer, Elizabeth
Yolanda Petrocelli (art) PR22, 65

Field, Miranda
Birth Mark (poetry) PR2, 85
Cock Robin (poetry) PR2, 86

Fierro, Julia
On Immunity by Eula Biss (recommendation) PR30, 198

Fifield, Hillary
The Last Date (fiction) PR35, 75

Finkelstein, Norman
Excerpt (poetry) PR21, 11
Decision (poetry) PR21, 12

Fitch, Janet
The Memory Room, by Mary Rako (recommendation) PR5, 133

Fitzgerald, Adam
The Argument (poetry) PR20, 88
Proud Hand (poetry) PR20, 90

Fitzgerald, F. Scott*
Contract for The Great Gatsby (etcetera) PR1, 152

Fix, Nicole
Genetic Disorders (fiction) PR18, 121

Fleishman, Rachel
Anchored (nonfiction) PR38, 33

Fleming, Colin
Chix and Quarters (fiction) PR27, 179
Hang it on the Limb (fiction) PR32, 149
The Last Field (fiction) PR38, 39

Flint, Austin
Eeva-Liisa Manner (recommendation) PR1, 161

Flock, Elizabeth
The Cheating Gene (nonfiction) PR30, 95

Flook, Maria
Inside the Sky: A Meditation on Flight, by William Langewiesche, and Stick and Rudder: An Explanation on the Art of Flying, by Wolfgang Langewiesche (recommendation) PR8, 142
Twenty Questions (etcetera) PR12, 219

Flores, Libby
Two Tons of Manure (fiction) PR29, 117
Flores-Williams, Jason North Dallas Forty, by Peter Gent (recommendation) PR9, 164
The Dinner Party (theatre) PR12, 71

Fluger, Marty
Directing Grand Guignol (theatre) PR1, 61
Composing for Grand Guignol (theatre) PR1, 78
Flynn, Nick Amber (poetry) PR1, 90
Statuary (poetry) PR1, 92

Foix, J.V.*
Four Short Poems, trans. Susan Lantz (etcetera) PR9, 205

Foos, Laurie
Donald Antrim’s The Afterlife (recommendation) PR14, 57
Forbes II, Sabina Woman, Thaw (art) PR29, 45

Ford, Katie
It’s Late Here How Light is Late Once You’ve Fallen (poetry) PR5, 30
Elegy to the Last Breath (poetry) PR5, 31

Ford, Kelly J.
Emily Wilson’s Translation of The Odyssey (recommendation) PR35, 123

Forhan, Chris
Blizzard + Dying Words (poetry): PR40, 171

Fortini, Franco
Traducendo Brecht (poetry) PR4, 28

Fortini, Franco*
Translating Brecht,trans. John P. Welle (poetry) PR4, 29

Fountain, Carrie
Jornada Del Muerto (poetry) PR19, 163
Late Summer (poetry) PR19, 164

Fox, Sarah
Shadow of the Valley (poetry) PR5, 32
How to Get the Love You Want (poetry) PR5, 35

Foy, D.
Dirt (nonfiction) PR21, 159

Franco, James
Film Sonnet (poetry) PR27, 17
Film Sonnet (poetry) PR27, 18

Frank, Elizabeth
Bales Rondo (nonfiction) PR21, 155

Frank, Rebecca
Local Carnival (poetry) PR18, 207
Morgan The Blessing of the Animals (poetry) PR18, 209

Franklin, Emily
Literary Feasts (recommendation) PR17, 31

Franklin, Tom
True Grit, by Charles Portis (recommendation) PR7, 145

Freeman, Cal
If in New York Near Torok’s Grave (poetry) PR36, 96

Freeman, Ru
Half & Half: Writers on Growing Up Biracial+Bicultural (recommendation) PR18, 177
America is Having a Revolution (poetry) PR35, 115
Solitary (poetry) PR35, 116
Double Bluff (poetry) PR35, 118

Fried, Daisy
Tony Hoagland’s Hard Rain (recommendation) PR18, 49

Fried, Seth
The Work of Stanley Elkin (recommendation) PR24, 175

Friedman, Lori Yeghiayan
Voo Hunting (nonfiction) PR35, 171

Froid, Daniel David
The Story of “The Story of the Two Sisters” (fiction): PR40, 107

Frumkin, Rebekah
Monster (fiction) PR16, 201

Funkhouser, Margaret
Estimated Drift (poetry) PR6, 34
Its Owners Became a Dim (poetry) PR6, 35

Furr, Derek Lance
Yellow Pajamas (nonfiction) PR8, 93

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