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Raab, Diana
How Storytelling Gave Me Hope and Perspective (nonfiction): PR39, 203

Rabb, Margo
Happy All the Time: Loving Laurie Colwin (recommendation): PR 16,153

Racz, G.J> (trans.)
Rhapsody for the Mule. by José Lezama Lima (etcetera): PR4, 127

Raffel, Dawn
Further Adventures in the Restless Universe (etcetera): PR2, 143

Raines, Laurah Norton
Slow Freeze (nonfiction): PR16, 197

Rajan, Gaia
Prodigy (poetry): PR39, 114

Rajan, Supritha
The River + The Landscape as Interior (poetry): PR39, 87

Rakoff, Joanna Smith
Olive Higggins Prouty’s Now, Voyager (recommendation): PR20, 17

Ramey, Emma
Servant (poetry): PR8, 26
Servant (poetry): PR8, 27

Raney. David
Chances Are (nonfiction): PR 33, 53

Rawlings, Wendy
Paul Beatty’s the Sellout (recommendation): PR31, 195

Rawson, Joanna
Logbook (poetry): PR9, 123
Elm & Cancer (poetry): PR9, 127

Raza, Asad
For the Love of New York (criticism): PR21, 15

Rector, Liam
Dangerous Muse: The Life of Lady Caroline Blackwood, by Nancy Schoenberger (recommendation): PR3, 76

Reddy, Nancy
The Secret Nancy (poetry): PR28, 29

Redel, Victoria
William Bronk (recommendation): PR2, 175

Reed, Justin
Literary Godparenting and The Hemingway Bundle: Stein and Hemingway in the Little Review (criticism): PR33, 156

Reeder, Suzanne
Five Steps (fiction): PR35, 85

Reeves, Jennifer
Young Yellow (art): PR22, cover

Reifler, Nelly
Sugar (fiction): PR5, 103
October Snow, by Samuel Reifler (recommendation): PR16, 187
Elizabeth Albert: Paintings (art): PR18, 65

Reifler Samuel
The Day They Were Shooting Dogs (fiction): PR16, 145
You Can’t Tell a Book by Its Title (recommendation): PR25, 108

Reiken, Frederick
Winton, Munro, Berger (recommendation): PR3, 77

Reinbold, Craig
A Tremendous (Experience of) Fish (nonfiction): PR24, 145

Resetarits, C.R.
Passages (fiction): PR25, 84

Retzkin, Hannah
Ophelia (nonfiction): PR20, 55

Reymond, Jan
Passage De La Tour (art): PR25, cover

Reyn, Irina
Eat, Memory (criticism): PR14, 47

Rho, Helena
New Year’s Day (nonfiction): PR38, 219

Rhoads, Edie
This is the Moon (poetry): PR17, 11
Rishikesh (poetry): PR17, 13

Rice, Jeremy
Little Orange Bottles (nonfiction): PR 16, 103

Richard, Frances
Adjacent (poetry): PR2, 92
Glancing At (poetry): PR2, 94

Richardson, Jessica Lee
On Sweet Lamb of Heaven (recommendation): PR 32, 96

Richardson, Robin
Marie-Louise Von Franz, 1915-1998 (recommendation): PR33, 49

Richie, Marina
City Kingfisher (nonfiction): PR36, 104

Richmond, Andrew
Activist (fiction): PR7, 116
Photographs (art): PR11, 65

Ridge, Ryan
All Americans (fiction): PR35, 15

Ridley, Nicolas
Travels with a Dutchman (nonfiction): PR37, 47

Rivkin, Joshua
How I fell in Love with Joe McCarthy (poetry): PR17, 70
Tikkun (poetry): PR17, 72

Robbins, Michael
Frederick Seidel’s Bad Taste (criticism): PR27, 137

Roberts, Matt
The Dogcatcher Hates Politics (nonfiction): PR10, 49

Robillard, G. Xavier
My Name is Red (recommendation): PR18, 63

Robin, C.C
Uprooted (fiction): PR28, 13

Robinson, Christopher
Hogwash (poetry): PR28, 129
Fullboat (poetry): PR28, 130

Robinson, Lewis
Truman Capote, Richard Ford, And John Irving (recommendation): PR8, 153
Virginia Woolf And Nicholson Baker (recommendation): PR36, 55

Rock, Peter
Gold Firebird (fiction): PR12, 19
On Haruki Murakami’s A Wild Sheep Chase, Or How I Got “Sheeped” (recommendation): PR13, 219

Rogers, Christie
At Sea (nonfiction): PR24, 97

Rohan, Ethel
That Time he Felt the World Turn (fiction): PR24, 15
The Splitting Image (fiction): PR24, 17
All the Rage by A.L. Kennedy (recommendation): PR28, 63

Roleke, Margaret
Current Abstractions (art): PR14, 65

Rohlf, Jason
Tar Beach (art): PR31, 33
Target Series, Cottontail (art): PR30, 62

Roley, Brian Ascalon
Reading Ishiguro in Camden Town (recommendation): PR19, 29

Rolleri, Mel
Photographs (art): PR36, 113

Roma-Deeley, Lois
I Came here for Some Answers (poetry): PR36, 106

Rooney, Aidan
The Mottoes (poetry): PR34, 130
Knockaconny (poetry): PR34, 131

Rooney, Kathleen
Quickies! And the Dollar $tore (recommendation): PR18, 107

Roper, Jane
East of Eden by John Steinbeck (recommendation): PR 23, 129

Rosal, Patrick
Eugenia Leigh’s Blood, Sparrows, And Sparrows (recommendation): PR30, 43

Rosen, Samantha Paige
VIP (nonfiction): PR37, 187

Rosenfeld, Lucinda
The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West (recommendation): PR25, 31

Rosenfeld, Natania
A Year on the Prairie (nonfiction): PR11, 33

Rosovsky, Michael
Poachers, by Tom Franklin (recommendation): PR1, 178
On Boxing, by Joyce Carol Oates (recommendation): PR9, 176

Roszak, Suzanne
Mafiosa (poetry): PR31, 185
Elegy for the Quiet House (poetry): PR31, 186

Rotella, Carlo
An Experiment (nonfiction): PR37, 127

Rotella, Carlo w/ Farrell, Charles
Do it Right and Make it New: A Conversation (nonfiction) I. The Impasse : PR37, 129

Roth, David
The Other Woman (fiction): PR10, 201

Rothman, Wesley
Our Town (poetry): PR28, 155
Sinnerman (poetry): PR28, 157

Ghosts (art): PR38, 17

Ruff, John
What They Talked About and What They Said (poetry): PR4, 35
De Chirico Shaving (poetry): PR4, 36 Dreaming of Rome (poetry): PR16, 129
While Reading Pico Della Mirandola’s Oration on Human Dignity (poetry): PR16, 132

Ruffin, Joshua
Exact Science (poetry): PR23, 93
Hollow (poetry): PR23, 94
Scale (poetry): PR23, 96

Ruocco, Joanna
Selections from the Week (fiction): PR31, 152

Rutherford, Ethan
The Baby (fiction): PR31, 157

Ryan, Anney E.J.
Rocks (fiction): PR17, 125

Ryan, David
My Last Sigh: The Autobiography of Luis Buñuel (recommendation): PR1, 180
Stories in the Worst Way, by Gary Lutz (recommendation): PR8, 159
Jerry Hunt: Four Video Translations (theatre): PR10, 33

Rysz, Ronnie
Secured Creditor (art): PR21, cover

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