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Applied Science (art): PR29, 40

Jackson, Colter
Sick (fiction): PR38, 71

Jackson, Jeff
Old Masters, by Thomas Bernhard (recommendation): PR35, 69

Jackson, Major
Indian Song (poetry): PR2, 87
Urban Renewal ix. (poetry): PR2, 88
How to Avoid a Crash (poetry): PR32, 202

Jackson, Thomas
Tulle no. 34_v1, Okracoke Island, North Carolina, 2021 (art): PR40, cover

Jaeger, Lowell
Now That Our Children Are Grown (poetry): PR34, 142

James, Henry
On Turgenev (etcetera): PR7, 183

Janovitz, Bill
The Road, by Cormac McCarthy (recommendation): P18, 15

Janz, Robert
Incut Drawings (art): PR30, 64

Jarman, Mark
The Conversion of the Vikings (poetry): PR29, 96

Jelsma, Jess E.
Remember Us Now, Wandering (nonfiction): PR32, 59

Jemc, Jac
Suicide, by Edouard Levé (recommendation): PR29, 115

Jenkinson, Len
The Museum of Speed (fiction): PR3, 26

Jiaxin, Wang
Glenn Gould trans. by Diana Shi & George O’Connell (poetry): PR28, 169
Meeting Rain, Wutai Mountain trans. by Diana Shi & George O’Connell (poetry): PR28, 171

Jie, Zhong (trans.)
The Leshan Giant Buddha by Tan Chaochun (poetry): PR25, 55
A Sickle by Tan Chaochun (poetry): PR25, 56

Jimenez, Noé
Corolla (art): PR31, 46

Johnson, Samuel
Last Will and Testament (etcetera): PR4, 149

Johnston, Mat
What We Do (fiction): PR7, 100

Jones, Alden
Secret Life, by Michael Ryan (recommendation): PR4, 108
Polite Society, by Melanie Sumner (recommendation): PR9, 170

Jones, Allen Morris
William Faulkner’s “The Bear” (recommendation): PR16, 101

Jones, Ben
The Ancestor’s Tale, by Richard Dawkins (recommendation): PR11, 200

Jones, Jeff
Riven (fiction): PR18, 55

Jones, Matt
Water, Water Everywhere (fiction): PR32, 39

Jones, Shane
Sky, Ladder, Cow, Lantern, Lake, Flowers, Heaven (fiction): PR39, 159

Joseph, Rachel
Stripped (theatre): PR35, 129

Juska, Elise
Sad in New York (fiction): PR38, 81

Juster, A.M.
A Plea to My Vegan Great-Grandchildren (poetry): PR20, 63
My Billy Collins Moment (poetry): PR20, 64

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