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Bacon, Amber Wheeler
Kaw-liga (nonfiction): PR36, 21

Baggott, Julianna
Mary Morrissey, Olena Kalytiak Davis, and Marisa de los Santos (recommendation): PR5, 132

Baker, Aaron
Notebook (poetry): PR6, 27
Bones (poetry): PR6, 30

Bakerman, Nelson
Wildwood (art): PR3, 96

Bang, Mary Jo
A Selection (recommendation): PR4, 98

Barber, Jennifer
Judenplatz (poetry): PR26, 99
Cabin (poetry): PR26, 100
Say What You Will (poetry): PR40, 64
Farmhouse Room (poetry): PR40, 65

Barkan, Ross
Flutter Flake (fiction): PR24, 33

Barnes, Rusty
O Saddam! (fiction): PR15, 129

Barnhart, Nikki
Best True Love Stories (fiction): PR41, 89

Barot, Rick
Self-Portrait as Video Installation (poetry): PR9, 128
December Sonnet (poetry): PR:9, 130

Barrodale, Amie
Chendru (fiction): PR26, 239

Barter, Christian
People in History (poetry): PR13, 51
The Devil’s Party (poetry): PR13, 52
The Turn They Have Taken from Bye-Bye Land (poetry): PR23, 147

Barton, Emily
Marly Youmans’s Catherwood (recommendation): PR31, 23

Bassiri, Kaveh
Notebook of Answers (theatre): PR23, 131

Bauer, Carlene
Dignifying the Slog (recommendation): PR29, 80

Bauer, Douglas
The Goodlife, by Keith Scribner (recommendation): PR1, 157

Bazzett, Michael
Another Day (poetry): PR27, 106

Beach, Jensen
Drought (fiction): PR36, 49

Beam, Alex
Various (recommendation): PR6, 155

Beard, Jo Ann
Seven Books in Seven Days (recommendation): PR24, 149

Beck, Lisa
Hidden Place (art): PR23, cover

Beck, Sophie
Cut to the Chase (nonfiction): PR13, 209

Beeber, Steven Lee
”Dirty Wedding” (recommendation): PR26, 138

Beeder, Amy
Botany Notes (poetry): PR9, 121
No Child Will Choose It (poetry): PR9, 122

Beilin, Caren
Meet Me at the Hedge, My Love (fiction): PR21, 49

Belcher, W.B.
”A Town of Accreted Myth”: Lauren Groff’s The Monsters of Templeton (recommendation): PR31, 49

Bell, Allison Field
Rectangle (nonfiction): PR41, 153

Bell, Currer (see also Brontë, Charlotte)
Note: Biographical Notice of Ellis and Acton Bell (etcetera): PR15, 99

Bell, Matt
Kamby Bolongo Mean River, by Robert Lopez (recommendation): PR20, 99

Beller, Thomas
Karoo, by Steve Tesich (recommendation): PR3, 65

Bellows, Nathaniel
Nan (fiction): PR14, 89
The Bookshop, by Penelope Fitzgerald (recommendation): PR15, 11

Bergin, Josephine
The Single Girl Goes to Town, by Jean Baer (recommendation): PR9, 178

Bergman, Megan Mayhew
Out of Africa, by Isak Dinesen (recommendation): PR25, 24

Bergstrom, Elizabeth Hart
In the High Prairies (fiction): PR37, 33

Bernard, April*
Interview (etcetera): PR7, 169

Berne, Suzanne
Sisters by a River, by Barbara Comyns (recommendation): PR11, 169

Bernier, Nichole
Crossing to Safety, by Wallace Stegner (recommendation): PR25, 52

Bibbins, Mark
Hiatus (poetry): PR1, 87
By the Time (poetry): PR1, 88

Bickford, Ian
Introduction to Angie Drakopoulos: Paintings (art): PR8, 41

Bierce, Ambrose
Excerpt from the Devil’s Dictionary (etcetera): PR2, 119

Bird, Peter
It’s Like Being Raised in the Wild, But with More Style (nonfiction): PR2, 67

Birdsall, Bill
A Rude Awakening from Dreams of Termitopia (nonfiction): PR37, 156

Birkerts, Sven
Various (recommendation): PR1, 159
Reminiscence: Joseph Brodsky (etcetera): PR8, 166

Bitetti, Kathleen
Introduction to Michela Griffo: Paintings and Drawings (art): PR9, 66

Bjorklund, Patricia
Simply Natural (fiction): PR9, 30

Black, Alethea
”Are You Making Fun of Me?” (recommendation): PR22, 137

Black, Jamie
Horse Latitudes (fiction): PR40, 53

Black, Sophie Cabot
The Stray (poetry): PR6, 32
Pulling Into Morning (poetry): PR6, 33

Blackman, Andrew
Finding My Way Home (nonfiction): PR17, 165
Death by Preservation (nonfiction): PR34, 143

Blackwell, Gabriel
The Foundation Pit, by Andrei Platonov (recommendation): PR30, 129

Blair, Sheila
Why Veiling? (art): PR17, 33

Bland, Chloe
Bargain Donuts (fiction): PR5, 108

Block, Stefan Merrill
Lights, Camera, Lesson (recommendation): PR23, 123

Bloom, Jonathan
Why Veiling? (art): PR17, 33

Bochan, Toby Leah
Why (fiction): PR4, 68

Bockman, Jeffrey M.
City Storms (nonfiction): PR7, 52

Boesky, Amy
Introduction: Writing the Body: Creative Nonfiction (nonfiction): PR24, 81

Boggs, Belle
Winter Reading: Jane Brox’s Brilliant (recommendation): PR21, 147

Bohince, Paula
The Gospel According to Lucas (poetry): PR14, 177
The Gospel According to John (poetry): PR14, 178

Boice, James
Sanctuary, by William Faulkner (recommendation): PR23, 63

Bolin, Chris
Annapolis (poetry): PR19, 77
View (poetry): PR19, 78

Bolz, Stefan
Woven Dreams—On Robert Lamont (recommendation): PR34, 109

Boobar, James
Tour: The Dostoevsky Walk (etcetera): PR11, 17

Booker, Brian
The Boardwalk (fiction): PR12, 121

Borden, Sarah Gardner
The Peacock Spring, by Rumer Godden (recommendation): PR24, 30

Borders, Lisa
What’s It All About? A Novel of Life, Love, and Key Lime Pie, by William Van Wert (recommendation): PR9, 168

Bottum, Joseph
Saro’s Love Song (poetry): PR20, 69

Boudinot, Ryan
Losing the Virginity of Time: The Literary Coordinates of Bruno Schulz and Isaac Babel (etcetera): PR8, 193

Bourgeois, Louis E.
A Long Time Ago It Rained (nonfiction): PR12, 15

Boutell, Amy
Your Translator, My Brunette (fiction): PR23, 125

Boyd, Rebecca
Who I Was Supposed to Be: Short Stories, by Susan Perabo (recommendation): PR2, 158

Bradway, Becky
Blood and Luck (nonfiction): PR12, 211

Braffet, Kelly
Dorothy L. Sayers (recommendation): PR25, 183

Brattin, John
The Beloved Chicken (art): PR30, 56

Braunstein, Sarah
”A Loud, Lonely Cry for Happiness”: The Late George Apley, by John P. Marquand (recommendation): PR22, 26

Braver, Adam
Excitable Women, Damaged Men, by Robert Boyers (recommendation): PR12, 119
Conversation: Amy Hempel (etcetera): PR14, 83
Conversation: Phillip Lopate (etcetera): PR15, 21
Conversation: Marion Ettlinger (etcetera): PR16, 27

Braverman, Melanie
Jane Hamilton (recommendation): PR4, 101

Braziatis, Mark
If Laughter Were Blood, They Would Be Brothers (fiction): PR18, 163

Breckenridge, Zak
Thinking/Cartooning (criticism): PR28, 40

Breen, Susan
Robert Creeley’s Collaborations (recommendation): PR1, 170

Brelsford, Michael
Duct Tape (fiction): PR33, 27

Bremser, Wayne
Matthew Barney Versus Donkey Kong (criticism): PR10, 113

Brennan, Valerie
Peanut Gallery (art): PR24, 65

Brimhall, Traci
A Love Letter for Love, An Index (McSweeney’s Poetry Series) (recommendation): PR24, 37

Brink, Elizabeth
I Am Charlotte Simmons, by Tom Wolfe (recommendation)

Brink, Jolene
Matisse In Norwegian Museum Once Nazi Loot, Family Wants Returned (poetry): PR26, 177)
Catachresis (poetry): PR26, 178

Britton, Loren
Lay On My Chest (art): PR31, 34

Brontë, Charlotte (see also Bell, Currer)
Note: Biographical Notice of Ellis and Acton Bell (etcetera): PR15, 99

Brouwer, Joel
And the Ship Sails On (poetry): PR8, 24
Beckett’s Endgame (poetry): PR8, 25

Brown, J. Camp
Arnold Schultz Tells the Hug-Eyed Boy (poetry): PR27, 121

Brown, Jason Lee
My Older Brother, June Bug (poetry): PR16, 165
Name I Will Never Forget (poetry): PR16, 166

Brown, Jericho
Track 4: Reflections as Performed by Diana Ross (poetry): PR15, 9
Track 1: Lush Life (poetry): PR15, 10

Brown, Peter
Since It’s You (fiction): PR7, 89

Brown, Rick
Living Room (nonfiction): PR41, 33

Browne, Jenny
Twin Cities, No Sign (poetry): PR5, 27
Before (poetry): PR5, 29

Browne, Nickole
Ontogeny (poetry): PR15, 159
Straddling Fences (poetry): PR15, 161

Brownell, Mia
Still Life With Lost Migration (art): PR26, cover

Brunner, Edward
Extending Harry Crosby’s “Brief Transit” (etcetera): PR3, 179

Buchbinder, Jane
Murmurings (fiction): PR28, 23

Buckley, John F. (with Martin Ott)
Rallying in Rhode Island (poetry): PR21, 26
Duologue in Delaware (poetry): PR21, 27

Bumas, E. Shaskan
Commute (fiction): PR36, 97

Burbank, Jennifer
Late Afternoon (art): PR30, 53

Burt, Stephen
Cathedral Parkway Subway Gate (poetry): PR4, 25
Our Summer Jobs (poetry): PR4, 26

Butler, Blake
List of 50 (11 of 50): Worm Loop (nonfiction): PR19, 71
List of 50 (25 of 50): Doppelganger (nonfiction): PR19, 74

Butler, Robert Olen
Mikhail Bulgakov (recommendation): PR16, 35

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