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Vallance, Sarah
Heart Attack (nonfiction): PR31, 77

Vandenberg, Katrina
Cretaceous Moth Trapped in Amber (Lament in Two Voices) (poetry): PR16, 97
Palinode for Being Thirty-Four (poetry): PR16, 99

Van Aelst, Kevin
Paradigm Shift (art): PR27, cover

van den Berg, Laura
Victor Lavalle’s Big Machine (recommendation): PR20, 127

van Loenen, Rocco
Technical Drawing I (theatre): PR1, 59
Technical Drawing II (theatre): PR1, 77

Van Ouwerkerk, Jo Ellen
Birds Flying Backwards (art): PR29, 42

Van Winckel, Nance
Shortly Before the First Time My Nephew Went to Jail + One of My Cousin’s Photos From the War + Dang It + Ordinary Exchange (nonfiction): PR38, 77

Vasicek, René Georg
Confessions of a Pilsner Drinker (nonfiction): PR14, 179

Vasileff, Jill
Pink Hum (art): PR31, 42

Veltfort, Sophia
Bishop Street (fiction): PR33, 131

Venugopal, Shubha
Lalita and the Banyan Tree (fiction): PR14, 19

Vergano, Cristina
Please Leave When It Is Wise To (art): PR29, 48

Veslany, Kathleen
The Aperture Between Two Points (nonfiction): PR2, 76

Vida, Vendela
Olt, By Kenneth Gangemi (recommendation): PR10, 189

Villareal, Laura
Imagine Us, the Swarm (recommendation): PR39, 201

Villemez, Jason
The First Time (fiction): PR35, 101

Vines, Adam
Charter (poetry): PR23, 71
Floundering (poetry): PR23, 72

Voigt, Jeremy
Freakishly Beautiful Head (poetry): PR26, 190
Out of Sorts (poetry): PR26, 192

Voisine, Don
Dub Stride (art): PR28, 72

Volkman, Karen
Untitled (poetry): PR1, 104
Untitled (poetry): PR1, 105

Volpe, Eugenio
Theater of the Cruel (fiction): PR9, 44

Voras-Hills, Angela
In Which I Hoard the Air Escaping (poetry): PR26, 27
Wait in the Bathtub and It Will Carry You (poetry): PR26, 28

Vorenkamp, Jaclyn Van Lieu
Going Sailing (fiction): PR32, 33

Vu, Thuan
Transients (First Communion) (art): PR29, 43

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